Access Keys


The following accesskeys are implemented throughout CSS play in an attempt to help users using screen-readers. If you find a page that does not conform to this, please let me know by email to stu{at}

Main menu navigation

  1. 'A' - Demonstration section.
  2. 'M' - Menus section.
  3. 'Y' - Layouts section
  4. 'B' - Boxes section.
  5. 'Z' - Mozilla section
  6. 'E' - Explorer section
  7. 'O' - Opacity section

Sub menu navigation

  1. 'H' or '1' - Home Page
  2. 'F' - Back to the first page in the particular section i.e. the section list.
  3. 'P' - Previous demonstration or page.
  4. 'N' - Next demonstration or page.
  5. 'L' - Last demonstration or page in the particular section.
  6. 'C' - Comments page for the demonstration.
  7. 'T' - Tutorial if available for the demonstration.

Other useful accesskeys

  1. 'Q' - FAQs.
  2. 'N' - Contact me.
  3. 'V' - Privacy policy.
  4. 'R' - RSS feed.
  5. 'S' - Site map.
  6. 'P' - Support CSSplay.
  7. 'X' - Skip navigation to contents

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