Based on an avatarThis is all produced using CSS. No javascript was used in the making of this diary.

The page will remain on the screen until you move your mouse out of the bordered area.

You can put as much text as you like in this area and even change the colour and weight etc. and put a copyright in the bottom right hand corner!

This is page one.

Not very exciting except that it uses a new way to display your pages.

If this diary information was displayed in the normal way I would need to use four, maybe five, separate html pages, or put it all on one page and have you scroll up and down to read it.

This idea is still in it's infancy and given time and a bit of messing around, it could certainly be improved.

I hope that you enjoy the experience and maybe use some of the code in your own pages. If anything here is of interest then just grab it.

A link back would be nice (but not compulsory).

© 2003 Stu Nicholls 



My current avatarThis is my current avatar, it has lasted longer than most as I have temporarily run out of time to design a new one. But there is a new one coming......

 ...but I like it

This is page two.

Following on from page one, we arrive at page 2.

Equally uninteresting as far as content goes, but never the less I suppose I must write something.

© 2003 Stu Nicholls 



Created for DanielOk. This one was created from a brief from Daniel for a 'good looking super hero with flowing cloak stood with chest out on top of a small hill'. I think it captures this quite well.

but then, I may be wrong ;o)

This is page three.

A blatant plug for the portal.

Portland Portal is THE place to go for all your portland problems and information. Run by a group of dedicated enthusiasts who have enough knowledge between them to help you with ANY questions you may have.

Also the place to go for a chat (we don't mind going 'off topic' do we Graham?).

So come along, join in, have fun.

© 2003 Stu Nicholls 



and finally an avatar dedicated to what was the best group in the world. Fronted by the one and only, never to be forgotten,

Freddie Mercury.

And finally, this is page four.

Which brings me to the end of this book. It could have had more pages, but as a demo it would serve no purpose. All that you would need is smaller tabs for page selection and everything else would fall into place.

Any comments on this idea please direct to the portal (that's the only drawback with this idea ~ you cannot nest links :o( ).

© 2003 Stu Nicholls 

Another avatar
Welcome to my world.


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