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BOXESChunky Borders and corners with no images

Date : 13th March 2007

For all browsers

Updated 12th June 2007 to give IE6 'TRANSPARENT' BORDERS!

Chunky Borders

3 pixel rounded borders without images

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Or this can be used as a speech bubble with the addition of a little CSS pointer. This does require a careful choice of colors for the foreground, border and background to hide the chunky non-anti aliased corners, and it works with javascript off and images off.

For non-IE6 browsers

12th June 2007


Just to show that this can be applied over a background image because the corners have 'transparent' margins and the pointer has transparent borders.


I have had many requests for curverd corvers without images that are more than 1 pixel wide. So here is an example of a 3 pixel border with curved corners using just CSS with no images.

With the small addition of a pointer it can be made into a speech bubble of sorts. The only problem with this is that the curves are 'chunky' so colors must be used with care.

Oh, and also IE5.x and IE6 do not understand transparent borders (used in the pointer) so the speech bubble can only be used on a plain background for these browser and it will have a solid color rather than the perfectly formed pointer you will see in Firefox, IE7, Opera etc..

12th June 2007

Thanks to a comment by Jeff Corley, IE5.5 and IE6 can now be made to understand transparent borders (well sort of) and in this case the method works.

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