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BOXES'max-width' for Internet Explorer IE6

Date : 5th October 2009

For IE6

A CSS ONLY answer, no javascript and no Microsoft expressions


It has been a long time coming and if it were not for a Sitepoint quiz I would not have re-visited this problem, but here it is, a CSS only answer to 'max-width' for IE6. This method uses no javascript, no Microsoft expressions and only a little extra markup which I think is ok for having a 'max-width' emulation.

I have produced three versions which cover most requirements:

1. A centered version 'max-width' centered

2. A left aligned version 'max-width' left

3. A right aligned version 'max-width' right

You should be able to see from the source code for each of these methods how they actually work. It is all down to left/right pads with negative margins that when combined add up to the min-width of the content container.

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