Min-Height for Internet Explorer

Pre 2006

Hey there where ya goin', not exactly knowin'.

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All the four containers above have been given a minimum height of 8em.

Containers 1, 2 and 4 do not have sufficient text to fill the 8 em height and have spare capacity.

Container number 3 has more text and has expanded to fit this extra text.

This works in IE, Opera, Firefox, Netscape, Safari.

All browsers that support min-height are given a min-height of 8em with height:auto which will expand the container to fit the text.

Internet Explorer will ignore min-height and is just given a height of 8em. The IE bug automatically expands the container to fit the extra text.

Cascading Style Sheet

	/* for understanding browsers */
	.container {
	border:1px solid #000;
	/* for Internet Explorer */
	* html .container {
	height: 8em;


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