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BOXESSnazzy Borders using just CSS

Date : Pre 2007

For all browsers

Snazzy Borders

Based on Nifty Corners By Alessandro Fulciniti

Rounded borders without images

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Having seen Alessandro Fulciniti's excellent tutorial on Nifty Corners, I thought that it should be possible to have Nifty Corners AND Snazzy Borders.

So here it is. No images and fixed or fluid as required. Just change the colours as you wish and put snazzy borders on your nifty corners.

Now works in IE5.5 and just 1px out (try spotting it) in IE5.01

Cascading Style Sheet

/* for understanding browsers */
#xsnazzy h1, #xsnazzy h2, #xsnazzy p {margin:0 10px; letter-spacing:1px; padding:0;}
#xsnazzy h1 {font-size:2.5em; color:#fff;}
#xsnazzy h2 {font-size:2em;color:#06a; border:0;}
#xsnazzy p {padding-bottom:0.5em;}
#xsnazzy h2 {padding-top:0.5em;}
#xsnazzy {background: transparent; margin:25px 1em 100px 1em;}

.xtop, .xbottom {display:block; background:transparent; font-size:1px;}
.xb1, .xb2, .xb3, .xb4 {display:block; overflow:hidden;}
.xb1, .xb2, .xb3 {height:1px;}
.xb2, .xb3, .xb4 {background:#ccc; border-left:1px solid #08c; border-right:1px solid #08c;}
.xb1 {margin:0 5px; background:#08c;}
.xb2 {margin:0 3px; border-width:0 2px;}
.xb3 {margin:0 2px;}
.xb4 {height:2px; margin:0 1px;}

.xboxcontent {display:block; background:#ccc; border:0 solid #08c; border-width:0 1px;}

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