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Please note. I get a few hundred emails a week from visitors asking for help, or posing questions on how to modify my demos to suit their application and I read them all. Unfortunately I only have a limited amount of time to spend answering these questions.

So if I do not reply, please do not be offended, and if I do reply then you are one of the lucky ones.

If you are asking for permission to use any of my demonstration then please email me with your request stu{at}

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it also may be the new Safari 1.3 bug (which is being fixed) see
(28.04.2005, 11:53)

I tried switching around the margins to no success. I did produce some screenshots if you are interested in what it looks like in Safari 1.3. I threw them together at
(29.04.2005, 01:29)

otto, thanks for the screen shots. It looks as though Safari is ignoring the no-repeat at the end of #menu a style.
Try removing the no-repeat and adding it as a separate entry:
#menu a {background-repeat:no-repeat;}
or putting no-repeat at different positions in the #menu a style.
(29.04.2005, 08:06)

otto, I have investigated Safari bugs and it looks like background-repeat is amongst them (not fixed in v1.3). Several workarounds have been put forward including making the background image slightly larger then the containing div. I will try padding the bottom/right of the image by a few pixels to see if this works.
(29.04.2005, 10:21)

Hi Stu I know I am doing something stupid but the menu works perfectly in Firefox but does not in IE 6. Could you possible open the source on the page and see what I am doing wrong?
(29.01.2006, 23:57)

Hi Stu Please Ignore my post I have it working fine. Thanks so much for the great idea.
(30.01.2006, 00:04)

hi i'm trying to make a flicker-free gallery ( but the colored background is a little off..below is my code starting from the #menu to the </head>..i'm pretty sure somethings wrong with this portion of the code..what am i doing wrong? please help!

#menu {position:top/left; width:320px; height:320px; background:transparent url(/gallery/gallerymain-bw.jpg); overflow:hidden; margin:0 auto;}
#menu ul {margin:0; padding:0;}
#menu li {list-style-type:none; width:100px; height:100px; display:inline;}
#menu a {display:block; float:left; width:100px; height:0; overflow:hidden; color:#000; text-decoration:none; padding-top:100px; background:transparent url(/gallery/gallerymain.jpg) no-repeat 320px 320px;}
* html #menu a {height:100px; he\ight:0;}
(11.02.2006, 21:46)

#menu a#item1:hover {background-position: 0 0; z-index:50;}
#menu a#item2:hover {background-position: -100px 0; z-index:50;}
#menu a#item3:hover {background-position: -200px 0; z-index:50;}
#menu a#item4:hover {background-position: 0 -100px; z-index:50;}
#menu a#item5:hover {background-position: -100px -100px; z-index:50;}
#menu a#item6:hover {background-position: -200px -100px; z-index:50;}
#menu a#item7:hover {background-position: 0 -200px; z-index:50;}
#menu a#item8:hover {background-position: -100px -200px; z-index:50;}
#menu a#item9:hover {background-position: -200px -200px; z-index:50;}

(11.02.2006, 21:46)

Hello Stu, you are a great inspiration.
I've used the flicker free menu:hover with success. There was only one issue. Firefox leaves a dotted border on the active/focus link/image.
First, I tried to adapt your DOTTED LINE REPLACEMENT technique. That resolved the Firefox problem. But the menu stopped working in IE.
Then searched the internet for a solution. I did not find a solution, but understood the problem better. That helped be to resolve the problem. Here it is:

#menu a:active, #menu a:focus {
border: 0px;
outline:0; /* for browsers that understand */
(25.05.2006, 13:18)

If you put html>body in front of any line of css it is ignored by ie and read by firefox. This may solve some problems.
#body {}
html>body #body {}
(21.06.2006, 11:34)

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