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Welcome to my Comments Pages

Please note. I get a few hundred emails a week from visitors asking for help, or posing questions on how to modify my demos to suit their application and I read them all. Unfortunately I only have a limited amount of time to spend answering these questions.

So if I do not reply, please do not be offended, and if I do reply then you are one of the lucky ones.

If you are asking for permission to use any of my demonstration then please email me with your request stu{at}

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Current posts

Nice app but there's a bug. Once you attempt to add a second item, there's no button that lets you finalize the second button. You're stuck in limbo.
(20.04.2007, 19:27)

JoeC, if you read the popup instructions you will find that you have to click the existing menu item to choose whether you want the new item before, after, or as a sub menu of the existing menu item.
(20.04.2007, 19:44)

Stu, this is very, very good. You should be very happy with this. The "help" is good, but I must admit that I tried things and got them wrong before re-reading it and having the"oh yeah" moment. My bad. Initially when I read your "JavaScript required" message at the bottom of the page I was worried that it referred to the menu, and not to the menu builder. Then I worked that out. Perhaps it would be worth being more specific in that instruction for dummies like me. Only thing left now is to make the menu builder for your horizontal menu ;o)
(21.04.2007, 00:52)

Gary, the text has been updated to make this clearer. There is a small problem with border differences between Firefox and IE which is being investigated. The horizontal Menu Builder is in the pipeline.
(21.04.2007, 08:59)

New Menu builder.

In wone word, FANTASTIC !
(21.04.2007, 11:57)

entering the page (using ie7) get a lot of error messages about not finding parts of the css
(21.04.2007, 17:47)

David, a fix is on its way.
(23.04.2007, 07:57)

(23.04.2007, 07:58)

IE7 is now working correctly.
(23.04.2007, 19:26)

Can anyone give me some feedback on Mac browser support for this Menu Builder. Thanks
(23.04.2007, 22:47)

I found the program very easy to use and put together a nice menu. The only real problem I had, was when I clicked the Get Menu Code, nothing happened.

I reloaded the page several times and created a new menu after each reload, and got the same results, no code.

My browser is the new Mozilla SeaMonkey.
(24.04.2007, 05:11)

Don, it works in Mozilla 1.7.13, could it be due to settings within your version?
It also works fine in Firefox so perhaps have this installed as well.
(24.04.2007, 08:13)

An online friend of mine mentioned it doesn't work in Opera. Is that something you are working on?
(25.04.2007, 13:19)

Jason, this has been noted. But at the moment it works in IE5.5, IE6, IE7, Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape. It should be ok in Safari though I have had no feedback from Mac users.
(25.04.2007, 13:55)

Ash Searle:-
Hi Stu,

As already noted, it doesn't work on Opera. I think this is down to a buggy isMSIE check (Opera supports a lot of IE properties)
Maybe using one of the IE sniffers at Dean Edwards blog would fix things:
(26.04.2007, 09:21)

Ash Searle:-
I've just tried this on Safari and it's not working. The problem is down to a Safari bug: the title of a stylesheet is always null.
The bug was fixed in WebKit in December 2006, but it's not been pushed out in a general Safari update yet:
(26.04.2007, 10:24)

Ash Searle:-
Forget Safari...
Even after fixing the Mozilla specific code (event.explicitOriginalTarget instead of when it comes to generating the CSS for the menu, it fails. WebKit is returning null when you access a css-rules' cssText property.
Again, this may be fixed in WebKit nightlies, but it's not in Safari.
(26.04.2007, 10:48)

Ash, thanks for the feedback. I will point this out to Jerry.
(26.04.2007, 12:07)

Just want to say: I Love it !
(26.06.2007, 14:14)

Jen Leen:-
I am having trouble with this in Microsoft Expression. Where exactly do I put the CSS Style in that Program?
(29.07.2007, 22:57)

hi, i generatd with the menu-builder a menu, but i did not found the wy to give for each flyout another background-color. is it possible
(31.07.2007, 20:43)

I cannot seem to get any of the script in the 'Menu' box to work? (e.g. label function, button positioning, etc.) The 'Menu-wide Properties' and the two 'Mouse Properties' boxes seem to work fine!

If it matters:
(26.08.2007, 03:36)

Dave, make sure you are following the instructions below 'New Item' > 'New Menu Item'. This works fine in FF2.0.0.6 and XPSP2.
(26.08.2007, 07:02)

What a great job!
One favor if possible, could you post the small change in the css to make it a horizontal menu. I think it's something like menu ul li...
Thanks in advance!
(07.09.2007, 18:56)

Graham Gillett:-

I have been searching for something like this for months....

Can you supply a desktop version for use on a PC ?
(14.09.2007, 09:43)

James Trueman:-
Hi there

I have created a three level menu using the builder, it works fine for me in IE and AOL, but anothe AOL user is telling me that the third level menus are not showing, can you think why that may be? Many thanks
(24.09.2007, 23:03)

First, I would like to echo others' views that the web app is very well done and thought out. I commend your putting a tool out there for those of us who are not able to delve deep into cross browser css.

"IE7 is now working correctly."

I have used IE 7 to generate the menu. The menu works in the app dev web page "preview" itself in IE 7. But the generated code (to be pasted in an actual separate document) will not work in IE 7 for me.

It will work in the latest versions of Opera, Firefox, Safari (Windows XP beta) as well as IE 6. I have tried this on several computers at work and home running Windows XP2 & IE 7.

Since, I have read here that it will work in IE 7, I ask for suggestions as how to do such. I have tried to delete temporary files with no avail.
(28.09.2007, 00:25)


In IE 7, you cannot just put a opening "HTML" tag buy itself. Rather, you need the proper DOCTYPE declaration before it in order for it to work in IE 7.

Do a view source on this page and at the top you will find it.
(28.09.2007, 20:16)

As a lot of people, I really appreciate this manu builder, it works great for me.

I'm expecting the horizontal menu builder soon ;) thanks for this one
(02.10.2007, 23:28)

You've just made my day. Thanks for the fantastic site. Like others, I would love to see a horizontal menu builder too. Great work, Stu!!!!
(23.10.2007, 02:01)

Hi I tried to generate the menu by giving a long name ...the layout gets disturbed and it doesnt produce the desired result
(25.10.2007, 14:17)

Hello Stu, great app. Very well done.

I just wanted to thank you for the great app and suggest one thing for improvement... I am not sure if someone else did but I will anyway :p

I think the font size should be also allowed to be modified on mouse over. i.e. font size before is 10, on mouse over it is 20.
(30.10.2007, 06:13)

It's pretty solid! Really nice application of code. My critique is not small though, the fact that you can only add one sub menu item to every tier-1 item shows how it is a little underdeveloped.
Peas :)
(02.11.2007, 11:32)

Phil G:-
Superb Stu. This has saved me eons of time typing it by hand!
Best Wishes
(15.11.2007, 05:26)

Bob Hughes:-
This is a wonderful program and runs great on my laptop but it won't load correctly on my Dell desktop, Vista, Proview 22" monitor. At the very bottom of the screen at the end of the box of color cubes things get fuzzy and compressed in video and the two color selection buttons do not appear at all.

Wonderful work that you do, it's probably my settings somehow, any thoughts?
(03.01.2008, 21:42)

G'day Stu. Just wondering if the horizontal menu version is still in the pipeline? ;o) Cheers, Gary
(27.01.2008, 22:16)

very nice menu item still try to change the styles the shapes... very nice job
(05.03.2008, 11:44)

I've been having trouble with vertical flyout menus, even though I've looked through many of your examples.

Using the menu builder allowed my to really visualize what is going on, and in what order it needs to be.

Thanks for a great tool!

P.S. Been a fan of your site for a long time, keep it up!
(21.04.2008, 17:35)

I appreciate all that you've done, and when I say the menu maker I felt like I was in heaven. As I read the comments I realized that it probably wasn't a typo in the CSS, because there have been so many successes. But when I put the coding in my layout the boxes don't fly out. The original links stay, they highlight, but the sub-links don't pop up. What do you think is wrong?
(13.06.2008, 22:17)

Mayve, check that you have a standards compliant doctype.
(14.06.2008, 06:55)

G'day Stu,

I've been testing my sites in the ie8 beta and noticed one of them that uses this menu seems to be struggling. Ofter the fly out does not stay out when moving up and down between items. I've not yet tested extensively or played around with the code, but wondered if you had encountered this in any ie8 testing yet?

Cheers & thanks,
(22.06.2008, 03:53)

Gregg in NY - USA:-
What a wonderful tool! My eternal thanks to your time and effort! I WILL be donating! Is there a way to get the fly out to drop up when my list gets too deep or long? I will continue to play with it and mix and match from some of the other menus to try and figure it out. Again my thanks!
Gregg D.
(31.08.2008, 16:51)

Dan in Canada:-
Hi Stu...really nice App. Nice job Alex. I was wondering though if there are plans in the works to be able to save the menu build, so that it can be reloaded at a future time for updating and adding info.
(19.09.2008, 20:24)

Hi Stu... just wanted to say that your Menu Builder app is a work of art and a stroke of genius! I do have a suggestion, should you happen to make any modifications to it... I think the menu builder should provide the option of allowing one to create either vertical or horizontal menu.
(03.10.2008, 20:39)

I have loved working with this tool to create my menu, but I'm having some problems putting it to use on my site because we use FRAMES. The submenus are partially (mostly) hidden beneath the main frame to the right of the menu frame. How can I make it so that the submenus are visible over the main frame?

I would really appreciate your help! Thanks!
(13.10.2008, 04:54)

Matt G:-

Very nice menu but like Maura I'm having problem with fitting it into a framework.

I was able to adjust the code and shrink the size of the main menu buttons but when I did browser tests, 'none' of the browsers recognised the changes.

Any ideas?
(15.04.2009, 12:54)

Wanted to say thank you for the great menu builder. I was going nuts trying to get my menu to work and using your menu builder helped me figure it out.
Awesome work
(04.05.2009, 20:53)

Just a quick question!
When a "button" is pressed on the menu a dotted line appears around the box. How can I remove that? I can't seem to figure it out.
I have none on menu item border and white color on border color
(05.05.2009, 07:43)

Hi Stu, I've been trying to email you at the usual address, but getting a 'Mail Delivery Failure' error. I was going to try again from work tomorrow, in case it is my server.
Just remove this comment from the page please, I had to find a way to contact you re payment.
(01.07.2009, 20:55)

Thank you for putting up the Flyout Menu Builder. I am trying to understand how flyout menus work, and this is very helpful.

Do you have any suggestions about the easiest way to make the vertical menu a horizontal menu?
(07.11.2009, 19:26)

John Pollard:-
Your menu maker is dysfunctional on my mac. It covers up the new button with the help window
(07.04.2010, 12:07)

This menu maker was produced for CSS play by Jerry Anzalone. Unfortunately he is no longer working in this field, so if you want to use this script then you will need to run it on a PC.
(07.04.2010, 13:18)

I currently have an accordion script menu on my site, which I've used for aged, but only recently discovered that it does a few funny things in IE8. This tool could be the answer to my prayers, but not having sufficient knowledge to understand all the ins and outs, can you confirm whether there would be any issues with IE8 using this coding?
(19.03.2011, 16:11)


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