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Please note. I get a few hundred emails a week from visitors asking for help, or posing questions on how to modify my demos to suit their application and I read them all. Unfortunately I only have a limited amount of time to spend answering these questions.

So if I do not reply, please do not be offended, and if I do reply then you are one of the lucky ones.

If you are asking for permission to use any of my demonstration then please email me with your request stu{at}

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Frans, most paint programs will allow you to produce a circle that blends from one colour to another without jagged edges. You then chop it into four pieces.
(22.01.2007, 10:29)

Darn ... why I do things always so complicated hehe. A circle!! Easy and simple idea.

Thanks Stu
(28.01.2007, 00:36)

Is there a way of easily modifying this so that it would have a 2/3 col box inside it - i could put a table inside the div but i was hoping there would be a cleverer way to do it.
i want to make the whole thing wider and add 3 sections inside the box.
(13.02.2007, 19:15)

Hi there

just saw the snazzy2.html
think this will do the trick!

(13.02.2007, 20:16)

David Link:-

Firstly, Stu, many thanks for all your work here. Wonderful stuff. I remember your books from the early days as well - you may remember HiSOFT Devpac, HiSOFT Pascal etc. on the Speccy and Amstrad machines - that was me.

I'm using the curved corners example on but it's not working on IE6 (all other browsers are fine) - anybody got any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Many thanks, David
(16.05.2007, 17:29)

David Link:-
Hi All

Sorry to bother you. Fixed it already, with a couple of position:relatives;, of course! :-)

(16.05.2007, 17:35)

Stu -

As always, awesome code -- I'm playing with using it as a style on my news website. However, including it is affecting my sidebar and pushing it all the way down to the bottom of the page. Can you take a look at the code possibly and suggest a fix?

If you look at the right sidebar you'll see the content got pushed all the way to the bottom - When I remove the box code, all is well.
(13.07.2007, 20:24)

I tried to do this with borders, and realized it won't work. The border on the gif is inside the border on the dl. Too bad...
(05.08.2007, 03:30)

(24.07.2012, 10:29)

For removing class "last" string:

.curved1 dd p.last {background:transparent url(c_br.gif) bottom right no-repeat; }

I replace:

.curved:after {
content: "";
background:transparent url(c_br.gif) bottom right no-repeat;
(03.11.2012, 11:49)

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