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Please note. I get a few hundred emails a week from visitors asking for help, or posing questions on how to modify my demos to suit their application and I read them all. Unfortunately I only have a limited amount of time to spend answering these questions.

So if I do not reply, please do not be offended, and if I do reply then you are one of the lucky ones.

If you are asking for permission to use any of my demonstration then please email me with your request stu{at}

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First Frame doesn't scroll with mouse wheel (moz 1.6)
(09.03.2004, 08:52)

I have checked up on this and it looks like a browser bug.
(09.03.2004, 12:36)

What would it take to replace the content of the "content/text" frame with different files?
(30.07.2004, 22:16)

If you didn't want a new page to load then you would have to use javascript to change the content. However this may deny content to visitors with javascript turned off.
Personally I don't see the problem with loading a different page.
(30.07.2004, 22:51)

Is there a way to make these "frames" resizable? I wonder if it's possible to do

a Windows Explorer style interface (

without using frames.
(19.12.2004, 10:14)

stas, I don't think that css is quite up to this. It would probably require a little help from javascript (but that is beyond the scope of this site).
(19.12.2004, 13:50)

Thanks for the info Stu!
Only, I was trying to view the demos but the links appear to be broken. they point to: "" instead
(03.06.2005, 00:49)

This works great, but I can't seem to make link classes. All of the links on the page display as blocks and take up whole lines. I've never used XHTML, so that could be my issue. Any advice?
(13.06.2005, 02:18)

The Mouse wheel thing is definately a browser bug, it doesn't work will a few of the layouts where it would be used., Mozilla suite 1.7.12 and Seamonkey Alpha 1 ( next version of the Suite for Mozilla )
(29.11.2005, 19:03)

Mozilla 1.5 corrects the scroll wheel bug.
(29.11.2005, 20:35)

background.html does NOT scroll in konqueror (3.3.2) -- ONLY using the scroll bar moves the display - the whole display.
It works great in Firefox 1.5 (linux).

background2.html works great in both konq and Firefox here.
(30.03.2006, 19:45)

Could you please simplify the code a bit (of the one with that shell). I really like it, but i can't figure out how it works, and if I don't know how something works, I don't use it.
(30.04.2006, 21:13)

Roy, it is already as simple as I can make it. The basic idea is to make the body 100% high with overflow auto to add scroll bars as required.
This way anything with position absolute (IE) will act as position fixed.
So the menu stays fixed and so will the background image. The text div will cause scroll bars because it overflows the body.
There is nothing I can remove to make it simpler.
(12.05.2006, 22:42)

Well, I think, after your litlle explanation it is clear to me. Thanks!

(13.05.2006, 21:07)
Hi Stu, great site!!! I am confused with the CSS Frames. I have a basic understanding of how it all works but what I cannot figure out is how to get different content to load into the text area. With Frames you just specify the target Frame but is this kind of thing possible with CSS Frames? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
(24.05.2006, 21:23)

CSS frames are not like html framesets. The look the same with some content fixed on the screen whilst other areas scroll. But you cannot control what appears in the content area by usng css. To do this would require a knowledge of javascript and the DOM.
(24.05.2006, 23:01)

Rob Smith:-
Hi - Your 'holy grill' CSS Frame emulation example is great - ive been coding HTML for 10 years but looking to leave IFRAMES and such dodgy code behind but have never seen a way to do this... However take a look what happens with the bottom half of the L/H menu images/BG when you make the browser window narrower (to see what it would be like on 800x600 resolution for example) There seems to be a problem with the Z Indexing of these components no? I still know so little about this that I can't comment - so just pointing it out by way of a screenshot - Look here:

Any ideas why?


(20.06.2006, 13:31)

hi, has anyone tried using an overflow property then hiding the scroll bar beneath a can then use good old anchor points to mimick the content being replaced like frames used too
(10.10.2006, 22:40)

Lewis, something like but with a hidden scrollbar.
(10.10.2006, 22:58)

Hi, I'm just asking for permission to use the css code for a website I am currently coding, that is if I ever a) figure out what exactly you've done (not too hard I would surmise) and b) If I ever figure out how to use this in Flash (my menu is in flash, and right now I'm using frames so the flash menu doesn't reload every time visitors click on a menu item. Thanks.
(29.10.2006, 15:33)


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