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Welcome to my Comments Pages

Please note. I get a few hundred emails a week from visitors asking for help, or posing questions on how to modify my demos to suit their application and I read them all. Unfortunately I only have a limited amount of time to spend answering these questions.

So if I do not reply, please do not be offended, and if I do reply then you are one of the lucky ones.

If you are asking for permission to use any of my demonstration then please email me with your request stu{at}

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Todd Reid:-
Stu: Works perfectly on MacOS X in Safari 2.0.4, FireFox, Netscape 7.2 and Opera 9; IE 5.2 (of course) doesn't display anything on hover...but I wouldn't expect such a sorry excuse for a browser to handle anything so "hip."
(12.08.2006, 17:37)

Hi Stu!
Great site.
You asked for some comments to your calendar. I put 3 pics on my site, although I can't send pictures to you. It looks fine, except some months with more than 29 days.
I'm working with an iMac 20" Intel with Tiger 10.4.4, Safari 2.0.3
Greets from germany,
(18.08.2006, 19:21)

Olaf, thanks for the feedback. The months with 'more than 28 days' are meant to be like that. If the extra days were added at the end then I would have had to allow for six rows of dates which would have put blank rows on most of the months.
This way it is a little unconventional but it does make sense.
(18.08.2006, 20:36)

Hi there stu I am having a problem with the inline css, it wants to put colors in the rest of my page. I've tried the css for the calendar as a link and inline, what am I doing wrong?
(28.08.2006, 09:26)

If you have other tables on your page then you need to modify my css to add ul#calendar before the calendar table styles. So thead th {color:#840; font-size:9px;} should become ul#calendar thead th {color:#840; font-size:9px;}
(28.08.2006, 11:15)

Hi stu,
Hate keep bothering you but I finally after several hours managed to place the calendar in a sidebar, without it jumbling up and coloring the rest of my page. However there is one last snag the calendar numbers are drifting toward the bottom edge and to the left in IE6 and FF. They are centered pretty good in FF they just drift to the bottom edge of the calendar.
(29.08.2006, 19:14)

Kevin, try changing the line-height.
(29.08.2006, 21:04)

Sorry when I change it going up from 15 they stretch even more to the bottom. when I go down from 15 there is no efect untill I rech 5 and then they start moving down. it seems like the numbers, weekdays and the month in bold all need to move up and over to the right :(
(29.08.2006, 22:17)

Stu B.:-
I was wondering if it would be possible to display a pop-up next to the calendar on :hover, :active, and :focus. I made a little variation myself using one of your pop-up demos. I was having a problem with IE7 aligning the top of the pop-up with the top of the table, rather with the top of the container div. Is this just a IE7 bug? It works fine in Firefox.

Stu B.
(16.11.2006, 17:24)

Stu B.:-
Email me at
(16.11.2006, 17:26)

Another validating link calendar - does this works in IE 7.0? It seems like when the mouse hovers to any part of the calendar, the hover button is colored even there is link on that particular date.
(10.04.2007, 04:08)

Hi, sorry there is typo errors so i create again.
Another validating link calendar - does this works in IE 7.0? It seems like when the mouse hovers to any part of the calendar, the hover button is colored even when there is no link on that particular date. Can you help? Thanks.
(10.04.2007, 04:10)

Char, if you have some dates that are not links then use the following styling for the hover:
ul#calendar :hover table a:hover {background:#d4d8bd;cursor:pointer;}
(10.04.2007, 09:43)

Can I adapt the calender to 2007 automatically?
(18.05.2007, 13:18)

Hi Stu. Wonderful website man. So much information ... good work. I appreciate your dedication and motivation.

One thing. You have a lot of hover effects, including this calendar. Problem is, when one mouse out, the hover effect is gone and the main div that contains the dynamic content, restores to default. A good alternative of this could be, if that's at all possible is to force the main div to retain the previous hovered effect.

Say, I mouseover to june. Now when I mouse out, the calendar goes away as it's at present. A good alternative could be, once I hover to june, the june's calendar stays there even if I remove the mouse, and unless I hover to another month.

I am looking for such a function, that I can do easily using javascript (removing the onmouseout event), but a CSS alternative could be wonderful. So far, I have found none.

Also, in your site you could have your hourly rate, or some example of how you charge in case of customized request. Just incase some guy likes to have a customized solution.
(27.06.2007, 11:43)


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