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Please note. I get a few hundred emails a week from visitors asking for help, or posing questions on how to modify my demos to suit their application and I read them all. Unfortunately I only have a limited amount of time to spend answering these questions.

So if I do not reply, please do not be offended, and if I do reply then you are one of the lucky ones.

If you are asking for permission to use any of my demonstration then please email me with your request stu{at}

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Tina (update to comment):-
Sorry Stu. It does work now. I had to figure it out through many tests where you don't give complete instructions. I hadn't check your own website in Firefox (just mine) and when I did and saw yours did work in Firefox, I was persistant in getting mine to work too. Not only is it working fantastically, I'm totally thrilled at how much faster the page moves. I used to have a really bad scrolling drag that I attributed to having too much javascript, but with your coding it's now actually FUN to play with the mouse back and forth over them. They now popout instantly with absolutely no drag. With the coding I had, I didn't even realize my pictures weren't even hovering in Firefox or IE in compatibility mode, and there was no option in my coding to click on the thumbnail or to hover.
(10.04.2010, 04:27)

Tina - continued:-
-continued- With your coding I can both click or hover now! With my old coding it didn't pass W3C validation either. But now it works in IE, IE compatibility view, and in Firefox AND now passes Validation!! I'm super thrilled!! Here's the link if anyone wants to replicate. (it's not coded on the home page but only the interior camera pictures. The CSS is easily found but I warn you that it's edited from Stu's version. I also had to use doctype transitional rather than strict due to validation. Thanks Stu! I'm going to send you a little money for this. It won't be much as this job only paid $300 for the total website. Thanks again!
(10.04.2010, 04:29)

Hi Stu,

Am I right that the rounded borders and shadow don't work in IE?
Is there a way to make the make the popup window a callout, so with a pointing arrow?


(16.04.2010, 19:19)

Hi Stu,

In this URL the shadow does work in IE, can it be combined?
(17.04.2010, 15:41)

Yes you can combine the two methods if you want.
(17.04.2010, 15:47)

Hi Stu!

I will try that, can you help with adding an arrow? Like example 6 in

That is what I try to achieve, however your code seems quicker than jquery so I prefer it with your code.

Many thanks and best regards
(17.04.2010, 16:37)

(17.04.2010, 16:49)

Hi Stu - what an awesome site! I would like to get the code for your 19.11.2009 post where you mention several thumbnails grouped together with the enlarged image above...where do I find that page?

Thank you for all that you do!
(02.05.2010, 08:45)

Thanks for the awesome css, I got this working on my page. But I can't get the enlarged images to stay in place. For example when I adjust my bookmark sidebar left or right. It moves the enlarged image with the sidebar. In your example the enlarged image does not move when I adjust the sidebar. How do I set it to not move like yours. Thanks again, dub..
(03.11.2010, 02:53)

Where can I find code for this demo? I see Information and Copyright but now code. Please help. Thanks!
(07.09.2011, 15:18)

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