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Welcome to my Comments Pages

Please note. I get a few hundred emails a week from visitors asking for help, or posing questions on how to modify my demos to suit their application and I read them all. Unfortunately I only have a limited amount of time to spend answering these questions.

So if I do not reply, please do not be offended, and if I do reply then you are one of the lucky ones.

If you are asking for permission to use any of my demonstration then please email me with your request stu{at}

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I copied the styles and content into a new html document, but I'm having trouble with the slideshow -- the text from the default image remains in the window even when hovering over one of the gallery images. I do not get this effect in your example. How do you hide the default descriptive text? What is the theory behind this example?
(10.03.2008, 16:37)

Would it be possible to download the example with the .js and css in a zip? It would help me in learning how the example works.
(18.03.2008, 16:28)

Mauro, you should know that CSSplay does not use any .js in its demo. This gallery is pure css and the method of getting the stylesheet and html is in the site FAQs.
(18.03.2008, 16:48)

Is there a specific size which the image should be? For example, If the image is 320 x 240 its length hides the caption? Do you recommend an image size?
(10.04.2008, 16:13)

For the DEMO: Not so Simple Gallery dated 08/03/08 is there a way to force pictures to display a certain size when they are displayed? Example: my photos are 640x480 but I'd like them to display at 480x360 in the Gallery. Thanks
(04.06.2008, 21:20)

Figured out my above question. I guess the better question would be is there a way to code this so that it would know to display 480x360 or 360x480 based on the original jpeg size. Displays Portrait as Portrait and Landscape as Landscape so as not to distort an image display an original image size 360x480 (Portrait) as 480x360 when it should be 360x480.
(04.06.2008, 21:53)

Is it possible for the thumbnail to not dissapear when hovered over?? I have tried loads of things and cant get it to stay!

please help!!
(09.06.2008, 21:48)

Yep - same problem as Graeme - would love to have the thumbnails stay where they are, but can't work around this one!
(27.06.2008, 16:21)

Graeme & Steff, I do offer a service to alter my demos to suit your requirements, email for more information and pricing.
(27.06.2008, 16:33)

I am not able to make this work (Not so simple Gallery). I have the default image and it's description. And all the thumbnail images are seen. But when I hover any other thumbnail image, nothing happens, could you please suggest as to what I need to do to make this work. Thanks in advance.
(01.07.2008, 17:57)

I have the same problem as Esther, but I didn't see an answer for it. The slideshow is working great, except the default text stays put and the hovering text (or text for the active picture) just writes over it, making a garbled mess. What am I doing wrong?
(31.07.2008, 13:43)

I can't seem to figure out where to get the code on this demo. Can someone help out?
(21.08.2008, 21:55)

Julie, if you check the FAQs it will tell you where to look in the source code to find the CSS and html
(21.08.2008, 22:06)

I do offer a service to help implement this and other demos into your web pages. Just contact me stu{at} with your problems and I can give you an estimate.
(21.08.2008, 22:08)

This is really great, one of the most versatile photograph gallery I have found on the web with nice features such as automatic horizontal centering, descriptive text and minimum maintenance effort.
On top of that, very nice looking.
Thanks for it.

In my view, it is just missing the addition of a vertical scolling bar for the thumbs, thus enabling any number of pictures, to become THE top gallery, the one most of the people are looking for.
Any chance to have it one day ?
(28.08.2008, 07:43)

Phil Raymond:-
This is a great photo gallery. Thought I'd post a fix I finally came up with for a problem I was having. I'm sure there is a better way to do this, but I couldn't figure it out, and I searched the web for hours. So actually, if anyone does now a better way to actually fix the following IE7 issue, I'd love to know.

Anyway, perhaps nobody else is trying to do this, but I wanted this gallery to float right of my text. As soon as I get a float: right and a margin-left in there, an error occurs in IE7 - as soon as I hover over a thumbnail, my left-margin between the gallery and my text disappears (ie. the gallery shifts left and buts up against my text).

What I finally did in the very first line of css (#gallery) was remove the margin I had made and make my border-left the same color as the background of the webpage (not the background of the gallery) and the width of the margin that I had wanted. So I added "border-left: 30px solid #ffffff;" to the code.

Hope this made enough sense to help someone. Even better, maybe someone will have a better solution.
(01.10.2008, 20:00)

Frances Cherman:-
Ghis, there's a very simple way to make your thumbnail list scrollable. Add the following declaration to your CSS rule for the #gallery ul element, substituting your desired height for my 600px value:

#gallery ul {height:600px; overflow:auto;}

This will limit the height of the list to the size you want, and if the list runs longer, a scrollabar will be added automatically. If your thumbnail list is set up horizontally, adding a width instead of a height should do the trick. This works in Firefox 3.0.5. I have not tested it in any other browser.
(02.01.2009, 08:31)

Been using this gallery for a year or so and I have made some code changes so that I can fit 49 thumbnails (7x7) to the right and then maim picture is 480x360 when I hover. I am was seeing if my website is IE 8 compatible and all is fine except this gallery. Pictures load slower when I hover on MY galleries but load fine here on this site. Have there been any recent updates to this gallery code for IE 8 that someone could pin point for me or have any suggestions. Only having the picture load lag with IE 8. I'm not very educated on CSS. Thanks.
(04.04.2009, 20:57)

From what I have seen of IE8 there is still a long way to go before it should be released as a working browser.
It is full of rendering bugs and this is one of them.
There are also problems with any dropdown menu, not just mine.

I am hoping that when it is finally released then all these will have been sorted, but somehow I don't think they will.
So it will be a case of working out IE8 hacks.

For the moment I use a mata tag to switch IE8 into IE7 emulation:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />

This tag should immediately follow the <head> tag.
(04.04.2009, 21:58)

I've added the code for the "Not so simple gallery" to my web page, and all is working, except the default photo and text remains, and I can see portions of it appear along with the other larger images when I hover over the thumbnails. Do I need to make the default photo smaller, so it is hidden underneath the other photos? Or is there some way the default photo can disappear when other photos are displayed? Thank you.
(09.04.2009, 00:12)

Stu, I figured it out. I just had to make sure the default photo was not as long as the other larger images. If there's another solution, I would still like to know about it. I also sent you an email, so you can ignore that. Thanks!
(09.04.2009, 06:16)

Dear Stu, I appreciate what you are doing for those who want to create their own websites. This is great gallery. I have adjusted it for my website but I have problem I am not able to solve. When I click on one thumbnail and then hover over another one, there are both descriptive texts visible - from previous picture and from current photo. There is no such trouble with Stu´s demo. I have slightly changed only height, width and "hover b" position, nothing else. Rest of code is original. Could you help me, please? Thank you.
(06.08.2009, 12:16)

malcolm VTB:-
I just started learning CSS a couple of weeks ago (being ex-FrontPage) and I just discovered yr wonderful gallery which is perfect for a few web pages I'm making for my artist wife. I have managed to place images so that it works brilliantly with one exception. I've spent hours trying to figure out which line of code I need to change to sort this problem but I'm afraid my CSS is not yet up to it yet. Please could you let me know which line of code to change. The problem: The default image is beautifully centred in the left of the page, but all the linked images jump up to the top. How can I get them into the same position as the default image? As you prefer forms I don't want to trouble you with an email or I could send a couple of screen shots.
Malcolm AT
(13.11.2009, 12:47)

Alex Martinez:-
Great, but it'll be greater should we have the opportunity to add a title to each photo, apart from the text. Colud you, pleae, tell as, what tag we mus put for it?. Many thanks. Alex.
(13.11.2009, 15:28)

Malcolm Shifrin:-
Alex, don't you just go to the code and for each item in the unordered list fill in the title, alternative title, and description immediately after the image source? It seemed to work for me, but I wouldn't know how to do it without going to the code. Or have I misunderstood your question? I'm very new at this coding business.
(13.11.2009, 16:08)

Malcolm (VTB):-
It's OK. I've finally found it.
Great site. Many thanks.
(14.11.2009, 13:31)

Alex Martinez:-
Many thanks, M. Shifrin.
Why this gallery does not work in Explorer. It is desesperating Mr. Gates.
(14.11.2009, 14:21)

Sorry, this code works perfectly on IE7. Was my fault Mr. Gates. Before adding the CSS Gallery code I ought to put the head and other tags. Sorry again. Alex.
(14.11.2009, 18:04)

Ted Eggs:-
Hi, I have been using this gallery (slightly modified) since 2008 and feel I would like to update the site. Is it possible to add code to dissolve the transitions rather than a cut?


Ted Eggs
(24.10.2012, 14:23)

Yes, but it would not work in IE as this browser does not yet support css3 transitions.
(24.10.2012, 15:23)

Ted Eggs:-
Hi Stu. Thanks for the swift response. I will bear the possibility in mind when IE gets a grip. In the meanwhile I have found your iStu3 slide show which I hope to try out soon. Thanks again.

Ted Eggs
(24.10.2012, 23:35)


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