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Welcome to my Comments Pages

Please note. I get a few hundred emails a week from visitors asking for help, or posing questions on how to modify my demos to suit their application and I read them all. Unfortunately I only have a limited amount of time to spend answering these questions.

So if I do not reply, please do not be offended, and if I do reply then you are one of the lucky ones.

If you are asking for permission to use any of my demonstration then please email me with your request stu{at}

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hmmm ... so youre not going to show us how you did it? I guess I could look at the source but you didnt really invite me to ... how about just posting the code along with the menu?
(01.03.2004, 19:44)

I have stated in several places on this web site that visitors can examine the source code and help themselves to whatever they like. Be my guest :)

A link back to this site would be nice (but not compulsory)
(01.03.2004, 21:05)

I was always under the impression Firefox would emulate exactly the same across all platforms. Maybe I misread something, but if that is the case (as I was lead to believe), then it came as a surprise to me that this example doesn't fucntion as it should on the Mac version of Firefox. Just an FYI.
(27.05.2004, 15:11)

I'm using this method to set up a gallery. When I validate the CSS, it lists the following errors:

* Line: 64 Context : #gallery img a , #gallery img a:visited
Parse Error - opacity=70)

* Line: 64 Context : #gallery img a , #gallery img a:visited
attempt to find a semi-colon before the property name. add it

* Line: 64 Context : #gallery img a , #gallery img a:visited
Property progid doesn't exist : DXImageTransform

* Line: 64 Context : #gallery img a , #gallery img a:visited
Parse Error - DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(opacity=70);

* Line: 64
Parse Error - : 0.7; opacity:0.7; } #gallery a:hover

* Line: 64 Context : #gallery img a:hover
Parse Error - opacity=100)

* Line: 64 Context : #gallery img a:hover
attempt to find a semi-colon before the property name. add it

* Line: 64 Context : #gallery img a:hover
Property progid doesn't exist : DXImageTransform

* Line: 64 Context : #gallery img a:hover
Parse Error - DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(opacity=100);

* Line: 64
Parse Error - : 1.00; opacity:1; }

How do I correct this so it validates?
(16.10.2004, 23:41)

I used this for a list menu without images! in firefox it works fine, but in the explorer it says that the security level is "blabla" and when i allow it, it doesn't show the effect anyway. but when i surf your site with the explorer it works too! where is the difference?! may you used it with images and me not? thx for help!
(03.11.2004, 13:57)

Your site is fantastic! Thank you very much, not only for the actual coding required, but the originality and thoughtful ideas!
(11.11.2004, 20:33)

Marianne van der Klugt:-
I think your site is great. I have been studying the various source codes which helped me a lot in getting acquainted with CSS. However, I have a problem which I cannot solve.
In the picture menu (Opacity section) I came across the following piece of code:

<a href="../menu/freddie2.png"><img src="../menu/freddie2.png" width="50" height="50" alt="" title="" /><span class="one">Freddie Mercury and Queen</span></a>

Where does <span class="one"> came from? I couldn't find it back in the style tags.
(24.01.2005, 18:18)

Hi, I have now removed this class as it is not now required. I probably added it intending to be able to set up different colour text for each picture.
Thanks for pointing it out.
(24.01.2005, 20:07)

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