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Welcome to my Comments Pages

Please note. I get a few hundred emails a week from visitors asking for help, or posing questions on how to modify my demos to suit their application and I read them all. Unfortunately I only have a limited amount of time to spend answering these questions.

So if I do not reply, please do not be offended, and if I do reply then you are one of the lucky ones.

If you are asking for permission to use any of my demonstration then please email me with your request stu{at}

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Erick Schluter:-
Hey there Stu,

I always love your website and ideas, but lately when I try a dropdown menu, actually any dropdown menu, from one of your demonstrations they will not work in my IE6.

In one way or another it just doesn't work even when it says so in the description.

A few examples:

The last one I tried after downloading all necessary files and with the special IE6 approach with the extra stylesheet and all...But it doesn't work on my PC. Also not when I visit the CSSPlay demonstration page.

I use WindowsXP Professional and have installed a so called 'stand-alone' version of IE6 for testing purposes.

Hopefully for you this is something that only happens with me and my crazy PC...But when it isn't I hope to have helped a bit by mentioning this.

I would like to use a dropdown menu, but people always nag about IE6.

Thanks a million for all your ideas and examples, they are really usefull and inspiring!
(18.03.2008, 09:25)

Erick, if you check the FAQs you will find that the problem is due to your using a standalone version of IE6 on the same PC as IE7.
Unfortunately this standalone version thinks that it is IE7 when it comes to conditional comments. As my demonstrations work using conditonal comments to feed one set of html to IE6 and another set to IE7 then they will not work with your set up.
I have two PCs for testing. One with IE7 and the other with IE6 and you can be assured that all demos do work with IE6.
On a third PC I have installed IE7 (Vista) and Microsofts virtual PC to run IE6, and this method does work correctly
(18.03.2008, 09:42)

Claire Poulton:-
I did not upgrade my son's browser from IE 6, and after 5 minutes it's still trying to load the site.

Works fine in FF and IE 7.

(24.03.2008, 03:10)


I tried to view the menu remotly on a machine that has IE 6 and it seems there is a loading problem.

I tried it on two days and both days after killing the browser for the second time I could see the menu.

Hope that helps.
(10.04.2008, 10:02)

I am experimenting with pro drop down 9 and 11 to see if I can use it but when saving your original web page demo the PNG image files needed are not saved although all the other stuff is there, so the PNG files are not available to me.
(12.04.2008, 19:42)

Hi Everybody,

How do you get the png files? I haven;t ben able to get them all.

(15.04.2008, 01:38)

The second and third lines of the pro_drop11.css file contain references to graphics files that do not exist (no .GIF)

.preload1 {background: url(tab.png.gif);}
.preload2 {background: url(tabb_on.png.gif);}

This might help loading problems.

(15.04.2008, 16:38)

It's not the site. It's me. I know it. Please help me find the method for actually downloading the files associated with this script.

Having trouble finding the link. Thanks much.
(23.04.2008, 00:17)

Hi Joe, no zip file for this one yet.
You can get the information by looking at the source code.
(23.04.2008, 08:36)

Christina Stanley:-
Hi Stu,

I'm wondering if a top-level link has only one dropdown item, what class element is it assigned? Both subtop and subbot? I've tried that but subbot's background image would overlop subtop's background image. (Granted I made the missing pngs myself coz it's not available from your site, so pardon me if I might've made some wrong pngs)

Christina Stanley
(06.05.2008, 05:26)

Simon Musson:-
I would love to use

Professional drop-down #11 png transparency

but there is no zip file to download.
(20.05.2008, 08:49)

Kari Daelke:-
Regarding the missing PNG file...
There is a missing png file - the basic tab without the drop shadow - so an image does not appear without hovering.
1. open Tab.png file and remove the drop shadow and save as tab_off.png
2. Change the line in the css to:
.preload1 {background: url(tab_off.png);}
(24.05.2008, 19:04)


here you can find the info to install an image of ie6 for use with virtual pc 2007
(30.05.2008, 15:52)

Can the #11 be done as a vertical menu on the left side too?
(09.06.2008, 18:45)

Hi Stu - Martin here.
I have looked at the source code until I am blue in the face to find where the images are but to no avail.
How can I download them??
(25.06.2008, 20:24)

Martin, you will need to email me stating if this is for personal or commercial use etc.
(25.06.2008, 20:38)

Is there a link to download this menu? Saving the site does not work... After I manage to do it, it doesn't work in IE6 (it works in my IE6 online though). And there is a problem in Firefox 3, the names of main buttons goes down on "hover".
(20.07.2008, 16:45)

you need to email me asking for permission to use this menu. I will email a zip file.
(20.07.2008, 17:11)

Ok, I did. And what about this little bug in Firefx 3, anyone has any idea?
(20.07.2008, 18:09)

Hi Stu,
Me again - this menu also have problems with the darn IE8. It seems like it's the same for all horizontal menus. If you take your cursor off one of the drop down the page seems to disappear. It's probably the same fix for all. I will have a play around and let you know if I can find a solution.
(04.09.2008, 10:27)

Paul Whitfield:-

Some of my dropdown items go wider than the available size of the sub boxes, what's the best way to have the boxes stretch to fit the widest items?

(12.02.2009, 22:42)


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