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Welcome to my Comments Pages

Please note. I get a few hundred emails a week from visitors asking for help, or posing questions on how to modify my demos to suit their application and I read them all. Unfortunately I only have a limited amount of time to spend answering these questions.

So if I do not reply, please do not be offended, and if I do reply then you are one of the lucky ones.

If you are asking for permission to use any of my demonstration then please email me with your request stu{at}

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How do I download this. I make a donation, and it still did not let me download it
(23.09.2008, 20:45)

I have emailed a zip file, but the normal way is to email asking permission to use my menus and state if it is for personal or commercial use.
(23.09.2008, 20:55)
Hi stu, I would like to use your menu for a personal site, if I can customize it easily I am willing to pay you for it.
(07.10.2008, 23:28)

Hi, great work. If I have a slideshow instead of a still picture, will this menu display correctly over the slideshow? Thanks.
(23.10.2008, 07:21)

Hi Stu,
I have the same question as No.1

How do we download after donation? ... I've read the copyright notes and I agree.

Is there anything else I should do?
(24.10.2008, 16:48)

When donating you have the chance to enter a message. Just let me know which menu you want (a url of the menu would be best), I am no mind reader. The alternative is to make the donation then email me stating that the support donation is for use of whichever menu you wanted. I have vistors just making donations because they like what they see on CSSplay and others for menus (there are several hundred so I need to know which one) and others for gallery demos (again I would need to know which one). Please be patient as I get hundreds of emails a day asking for menus, demos, advise, and work proposals.

My email address is at the top of this page.

Thank you for your interest.
(25.10.2008, 15:11)

I would like to test the menu on my black background. Unfortunately, the copy from the source program does not function like from you described. If I execute the copy on my PC, the opaque borders are absent.
(03.12.2008, 11:34)

Waiting one week.
No answer.
Found another menu.
Thank you.
(10.12.2008, 04:03)

Too much work
No time to reply
Glad you found another
Good luck.
Should have asked for zip file
and made donation
(10.12.2008, 07:56)

Bob Derber:-
Stu - I have been fiddling with this menu for 2 1/2 days. What an education! I went to donate but US info for the card address is not accepted. I don't know if I will use the menu but wish to donate anyways. I would appreciate permission to do so and the zip file to see how I screwed up.

Definitely educational and elegant. If I don't use the menu, I will surely use many of the concepts.

bob derber
(03.01.2009, 19:40)

Bob Derber:-
Addendum: made the donation with the regular link. Many thanks, Stu.
(03.01.2009, 19:49)

Hi Stu,

Great work here, very informative. I've made a donation, and am waiting for the zip file. Can't wait to see how this menu will look once it's incorporated into my site. Thanks again Stu!
(14.01.2009, 01:50)

You do not give your email address for the zip file.
(14.01.2009, 09:07)

Got it now! Thanks Stu :)
(14.01.2009, 23:54)

how long of a wait for the Professional drop-down #12 png transparency and IE6 select box fix? is the css included in the zip? what is a typical donation amount?
(11.02.2009, 21:20)

John, all you need to do is make a support donation then email me for a zip file which will contain all you need to produce this menu.
You will need a fairly good knowledge of html/css to be able to alter the demo in any way.
(11.02.2009, 21:50)

Marion Lorence:-
I wish to use the following menu.
Professional drop-down #12 png transparency and IE6 select box fix
I made a donation.
Confirmation number: 57G78661YN9852146
I am in the process of building a design proposal for a paid job. I do not have the job as yet but expect to get the go ahead soon. Thanks for your excellent work.
(10.01.2010, 23:34)


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