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Please note. I get a few hundred emails a week from visitors asking for help, or posing questions on how to modify my demos to suit their application and I read them all. Unfortunately I only have a limited amount of time to spend answering these questions.

So if I do not reply, please do not be offended, and if I do reply then you are one of the lucky ones.

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I am a student and was trying your Professional drop-down #4 in the raw html.

To my surprise, the drop down was not working - even if I was using your code as is.

My understanding is probably the definition of class ="fly" was missing. Is that true?

Could you please help me?

(13.12.2007, 12:27)

Hi VJ, hi stu
The menu work fine with Opera 9.24 but don't work with IE7 nor Mozilla (no sub menu).
If I disable conditional comments concerning lte IE 6 (ie activate <table></table>) the sub menu appear but don't be selectable.
(17.12.2007, 21:07)

I've just found the problem.
The DOCTYPE line is mandatory !!!
VJ: the class fly is not used in this page (I have scan all the sources). It must be an artefact coming from another demonstration.
(17.12.2007, 21:27)

Is it possible to center this menu?

Best Regards

(11.03.2008, 11:46)

Have tried to e-mail you requesting permission to use this menu but get bouncebacks. Has your e-mail address changed?
(23.04.2008, 02:48)

Hi Iain, my email address is still stu{at} (just replace the {at} with @ of course :)
(23.04.2008, 08:35)

Hi Stu,
Great work wih this site!!!
Quick question about this menu setup - in IE6 the images reload EVERY time you rollover a link. Even if you are in the sub menu of that tab the tab images disappear when you are between 2 of the links and only reload and reappear once you've rolled over another link (though sometimes they don't reappear at all).
Is there a fix for this?
Also, do you have the same menu without conditional comments? I've looked but don't see anything.

Thanks so much! :)
(16.06.2008, 22:20)

Stan Brown:-

I got your permission a while ago to use these but I haven't been able to adapt them successfully. I did find a couple of problems in the example that I'd like to share with you. Two I was able to fix and one I wasn't -- hopefully you can point out what's wrong.

1. There's styling for a:hover but none for plain a. So the color and background for sub-links that are not being hovered are taken from any other stylesheet that may be in effect. The cure is to add this to the CSS:

ul.prodrop4 ul li a { color:#000; background:#b9d3fb none }

2. In the HTML, the first sub-link under Sales has the class "fly", which isn't defined in the CSS.

3. This is the one I haven't been able to figure out -- something about sizing or positioning of the sub-menus (the inner ULs) isn't being explicitly specified. Firefox doesn't have a problem but IE6 does. See for the way it's supposed to look and
for the way it actually looks, with an unbridgeable gap between the top menu line and the sub-menu.
(27.07.2008, 20:48)

Stan Brown:-
The problem was *more* missing CSS in prodrop4:
table {margin-top:0}
li {margin-top:0}
There may be others still -- I've had an IE7 user tell me it doesn't work for him.
(30.07.2008, 09:59)

Stu, Great site!! OK the problem I am having is in IE6 or 7 if you minimiz the page, the tabs move and do not stay at the top of the page. Anyone else had this?
(04.08.2008, 23:25)


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