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Welcome to my Comments Pages

Please note. I get a few hundred emails a week from visitors asking for help, or posing questions on how to modify my demos to suit their application and I read them all. Unfortunately I only have a limited amount of time to spend answering these questions.

So if I do not reply, please do not be offended, and if I do reply then you are one of the lucky ones.

If you are asking for permission to use any of my demonstration then please email me with your request stu{at}

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Jørn Hanssen:-
Hi Stu,

Nice work as usual. You are a true inspiration for a Newbie like myself.

Being a newbie there are a lot of things that are confusing to me. One of them is the DOCTYPE definition in the top of the HTML document.

You are pointing to a XHTML2 definition on the w3 pages.

The link you point to does not exist. Is that important ?

Kind regards

(25.11.2007, 22:25)

Hi, this is a typing error and should of course be XHTML1. This just shows that browsers do not use the dtd file. I will correct this tonight.
(26.11.2007, 07:35)

Brilliant, as always.
(26.11.2007, 20:09)

im new to all this how can i implement this?
(13.12.2007, 23:37)

Benjamin, I now offer a service to implement these menus within your page layout. Just click the 'HELP & ASSISTANCE' link at the top of the demonstration page for more information.
(14.12.2007, 16:21)

Hey Stu, the navigation pro does not work on IE6. How do I fix this?
(18.12.2007, 17:14)

Colt, this menu does work in IE6 as can be seen on this site. There are several reasons why it may not be working for you.
1. You are using a standalone version if IE6 on the same PC as IE7.
2. You are not using a standards compliant doctype.
(18.12.2007, 17:39)

Oh ok, I do have IE6 on the same pc for testing purposes. Thanks!!!

btw what is the standard doctype do you recommend. maybe you point me to the right direction.

Awesome job with all your posts!
(18.12.2007, 17:46)

Colt, there is a link in my home page, and FAQs to the website dtd's. Just choose the one that suits your purpose.
(18.12.2007, 18:31)

yep I found it thanks!
(18.12.2007, 19:00)

I am a newbie to css. I have downloaded your drop-down menu #6 and have tried implementing it to my website. It looks great but, I have been running into a problem where if I resize my window all the menu icons seem to run into a second row. (ie. the menu headers on this page: demo, menus, layout, boxes - on my page, when window is resized - layout and boxes go into a second line) Do you know how I can resolve this?
(28.12.2007, 17:00)

Jen, this is always a problem with horizontal menus with a flexible layout. The easy answer is to set the width of the top level ul so that it will not shrink below that size.
(28.12.2007, 17:44)

awesome! I feel like a doofus now. Thank you very much.
(28.12.2007, 19:13)


I have looked at the template and have implemented and am in the process of implementing it into a template page. When we change the text in dropdowns the text extends outside the dropdown menu. Any ideas on how to fix?
(01.01.2008, 22:18)

Andrew, I offer a service to fix any problems when implementing my menus. Just email me stu{at} for details.
(01.01.2008, 22:25)

Just about to implement your great menu but can't work out how to resize the menu to fit long text. How can I fix this?
(31.01.2008, 19:56)

Joseph, I offer a service to modify my menus to fit your requirements. Email me if you are interested in this.
(31.01.2008, 20:37)

Hi Stu,
I seem to have run into a little problem.
I can only hope there's an easy fix.
I have no experience with scripting and learning as I go, but the site is coming along slowly but surely.

Thing is, I'm using PHP to make the additions to my site much easier.
I believe you are doing exactly the same.
Your menu is working perfectly, no problem there.

But I've recently come across Lightbox (
A js-script to "popup" a gallery of images.

So while my menu.html "calls" for your style.css, my body.html "calls" for the lightbox scripts.
Even though it is indeed working, the lightbox gallery shows "under" the menu.

here's the page I'm testing on

I'm thinking this might have something to do with which file I call the scripts from but quite frankly I'm a little lost.
Is there a quick fix (and what would it be?) or does this require a more hands on approach from your end?

Honestly I would love to pay you for your service but I simply can't at this moment in time. (which is why I'm using free scripts :( )
(11.02.2008, 15:48)

ugh, do I feel stupid now.
z-index was the key. (forgot my wife has some css experience, I'm a stubborn fool that always wants to do to much by myself)
Like I said, learning as I go. Well at least this taught me what exactly z-index does lol
(11.02.2008, 16:20)

Hi Stu,
first lots of compliments from Holland! Incredible site. Keep up the - more then - good work.
Can you tell me if it's possible to leave open a level on an active page. I use the above dropdown with 3 items and each only one level and want that one to be open after clicking on a link in it. Pulling out my hear for 3 days now :-( Help? TIA
(01.04.2008, 10:35)

Any help for making this work in safari for mac?
(08.04.2008, 14:54)

I love your main site menu and would love to incorporate your pro css6 dropdown and the bot link line on your main menu but my attempts have failed I am sorry to say. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
(10.07.2008, 22:23)

I am considering incorporating your Professional drop-down #6 css (or the corresponding javascript) into a website I design and maintain for a non-profit organization. The thing is, I want the main menu to be two-tiered. I can do this by simply repeating the relevant code. However, the dropdowns for the top tier fall behind the navigation bar of the bottom tier, rendering them useless. Is there a way I can direct the dropdowns to appear in front of the bottom tier?

(09.09.2008, 20:25)

Hi. Great menu. One little niggle is that the top-level links can't be opened in new tabs/windows - at least from an IE7 browser. Instead you get options to Save the Background... (of the span element). Is there anything that could be tweaked to help with that?
(11.09.2008, 00:47)

Hey awesome menu... just wondering if there is anyway to center this? Just cant seem to get it???
(30.09.2008, 05:50)

I'm building a site using Pro drop-down 6 and when I checked the pages with seach engine spider simulators, the IE6 comments broke the code in a couple of the spiders. See as an example of one of the simulators. As a test, I removed the comments and it parsed correctly. Is this something I should be concerned about or do you think the problem is with the simulators?
(02.10.2008, 03:49)

Could you convert this to php for me. Im having trouble cant seem to get it to work.. Also to have it in the center as well
(11.12.2008, 18:57)

Jill Wells:-
Stu been using your site for years, awesome site, donated a few times!! Menu works great but i want to modify it a little. I have a box type designed website and for the last link on the right i want the sub menu when moused over to flip to the left instead of the right.
(09.01.2009, 17:46)


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