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Please note. I get a few hundred emails a week from visitors asking for help, or posing questions on how to modify my demos to suit their application and I read them all. Unfortunately I only have a limited amount of time to spend answering these questions.

So if I do not reply, please do not be offended, and if I do reply then you are one of the lucky ones.

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This is brilliant, a photo gallery without flash or java and that will be acceptable to those still on dial up, in other words accessible for everyone, and you can display a large number of images on one page without worrying about the download time.

However! - This works in Firefox but IE still seems to preload the images, at least my example does - Am I missing something? Any advice would be most welcome.
Thanks for your inspirational ideas.
(08.10.2006, 17:19)

IE seems to download all the picutres on your example as well, not just mine by the way, I don't know if any one else encounters this.
(08.10.2006, 17:26)

David, IE does indeed load all the files but Firefox etc only load the background images when required. IE will display the thumbnails first then download the full size images.
(08.10.2006, 18:06)

Is there any way to prevent IE loading all the images so it behaves as Firefox does, conditional comments or anything?
I think this makes for a more pleasing experience as you don't have to wait as long for the page to download.
Am I being too fussy here? do most people have broadband nowadays so that size of pages is not not so important?
(08.10.2006, 18:22)

I like this gallery but,
Is there a way to mantain the text in IE until you
click in another thumbnail?
(10.11.2006, 04:07)

I like your photo gallery very much, just as David and Kike.
But ... I would like to see one of the big photos when startig the page
and as Kike I would like to maintain the comment text until I click in another thumbnail.
Could it be possible?
Here you can find my integration in a homepage:
Thank you for your help.
(13.11.2006, 09:30)

Apologies if this sounds stupid.. While I can click to view the image on the right, The thumbnail does not apper...
Where should i be putting this in the code?? Cheers
(17.11.2006, 18:56)

Have you included the 'common styling' which has all the images held as background url() ?
(17.11.2006, 19:36)

Hi Stu,
Just gotta say - love your work.
I have a request/quistion. I would like for all borwsers to have the same behavior as Opera. So that the images appear when I click the mouse, and it disappears when I let go. Would it be possible to make the gallery work in that way?
(07.02.2007, 20:19)

Jesper, unfortunately it cannot work this way in IE. FF etc can use :focus to achieve the same effect, but IE treats :active and :focus in the same way so the image will remain until a second click is made.
(07.02.2007, 20:25)

This is a really cool gallery tool. One question though, how do I go about getting it to show more than 10 images? I'm thinking of using it for a wedding gallery where there could be a couple hundred pics. Thanks!
(19.02.2007, 17:53)

This gallery is amazing, but I seem to have a problem. I cannot get text to appear in IE. It works fine in FF and Netscape, and yet, no matter what I do, it won't appear in IE. Is there something I'm missing?
(09.05.2007, 18:00)

Stu - as always, great work. One question - is there a way to avoid creating thumbnails? When I set the URL on the thumb equal to the actual photo, I just get the upper left hand corner as the thumb. Can I either (a) customize each thumb to grab a specific portion of the photo, or (b) just downsize the photo into a thumbnail size? I hope this made sense.
(11.06.2007, 05:52)

Stu - let me try to better explain my previous question. Instead of creating a file called "thumb2.jpg", is there a way in CSS to simply downsize the original picture (pic2.jpg)? The HTML equivalent is:

img src="london/pic2.jpg" width="75" height="47"

I'm just trying to find a way to avoid creating (and storing) more photos on the server. Not large photos, but just a hassle to stay organized.

(11.06.2007, 08:32)

Daniel, to do this you will need to take the images out of the stylesheet and place them in the html. shows a simple method of using just one image for the thumbnails and full size images.
(12.06.2007, 17:41)

I have a page with ajax navigation menu, one of the menu items is a gallery that whenever clicked loads the gallery page (html) into a div element inside the main page.. I've put the style in the head section of the gallery page.. it worked fine with firefox but when it comes to explorer (ie7), it doesn't display the images and the container, instead, the captions of the album photos are displayed as links!!
is there any solution for it?
(22.11.2007, 01:13)

Hi stu - love the idea of this gallery and have been playing with it for a while. What I'd really like to do is to get a click on the thumbnail to load both the image and another div containing a link. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration.
(14.05.2008, 11:18)

Thanks again for another example to learn from. I didn't see any download link or .zip file for this tut, so I guess I'll just rip it from the code.
(12.06.2008, 12:43)

I really like your examples but there appears to be a problem with the code when the page is opened on a MAC. The large picture only stays on the screen while the mouse button is held down.
Is there a fix for this
(17.05.2009, 18:43)

Hi Jim, this is a 'feature' of the Mac mouse. It only registers the mouse click when the button is held down.
(17.05.2009, 19:02)


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