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using a style based on your layout 3, with a border at a top which holds a menu, if I use a anchor link ie #bottom the whole frame shoots up and the top disapears any idea ?
(27.09.2006, 16:34)

Hi Stu,

just a missplaced colon..


in #left div.
(19.11.2006, 11:04)


Using frames, it is easy to display different pages in the main frame and keep the rest of the page the same. Can I do this with CSS without repeating all the header, footer and left div code for each page?

I'm using PHP so maybe I can merge the pages somehow? (I'm new to PHP and CSS so I'm not sure how.)

I hope this isn't off topic. Any ideas would be apreciated.


(01.02.2007, 09:43)

Hi, I am having a similar problem that Phil had. I used this layout (it's great, btw) together with Menu#3 from the Drop Menu Examples (
The problem is that the sub-menu stays under the content div. I tried editing the z-index nothing works.

If this help, the page is here: . Any help is great apreciated. Thanks!
(06.03.2007, 15:20)

Bah, scratch that. I fixed with overflow: visible; but you can't scroll to the bottom. Worse is that I forgot a ton of options to input on the menu, so I won't be able to use even the layout (even worse when you see in a smaller resolution, such as 800x600).
(06.03.2007, 18:47)

I was wondering how to give the main content section of this layout the focus when the page is loaded. I would like the PageUp and PageDown keys to work for scrolling the content without having to click in the div first. Thanks!
(21.03.2007, 01:25)

Mick McNeill:-
Hello Stu

Your site is fantastic - really hit's the mark by putting the style in style sheets.

I would love to use a modified version of this this template for my non commercial site

Would that be ok

Many thanks and keep up the grat work

all the best

(04.05.2007, 13:39)

(23.05.2007, 18:51)

Man everything you do is amazing. I am amazed that everything here is pure CSS. I am using web developer for Firefox and when I disable all styles i don't even see images, hoe do you do that man.
(13.06.2007, 01:13)

Hi! Love your site. I am playing with this layout and having the same problem as Shingon, I think: using an anchor link to text in "content" pops the page up (so the linked content is at the top), pushing most of the header off the top of the page. I have a clunky work-around but I am hoping someone can suggest a way to have the anchor link move to the top of the "content" div instead of the entire page. Thanks :)
(15.07.2007, 02:54)

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