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Sorry to bug you again, Stu. I fixed the problem I had earlier and everything was rendering perfectly. I went through and validated the page and it passed (after a few minor typos were fixed). I moved the CSS to an external stylesheet and made some minor changes, or so I thought. Now I'm back to having the borders on top of everything in IE...

Would it be too much to ask for you to take a look at the problem again?

I'd appreciate any advice you have.
(03.10.2004, 04:24)

Hi Geoff. Try removing the conditional statement <!--[if gte IE 5 etc
(03.10.2004, 12:55)

Hi, I did a layout very similar to yours (Layout 3)but it didn´t work under IE. After downloading your site it´s working either with Firefox or IE...why? How can I get it done? Cheers
(31.10.2004, 11:05)

Puh, now I found out how to get it done myself...why does this always happen after I posted my probs? If you like you might just delete everything, please.
(31.10.2004, 11:27)

That's ok Gerrit, glad you found an answer.
(31.10.2004, 11:43)

Beautiful concept, works perfect for me in IE. But in Mozilla en firefox i've got problems i don't understand. The css is valid.

It has probably to do with the right-box (position:absolute). Is there a solution for this? And may be also for the i-frame-construction (reserveer). I used it before without problems (width=100%) but in this site it's not working correct.

The site I'm talking about is: (it's in dutch, but the css and html in English..:)
(30.12.2004, 13:02)

The problem is solved. I added width:800px to #content. Now the scrollbar is shown. width:100% doesn't show the scrollbar at all, so scrolling is not possible.
Very nice lay out!
(30.12.2004, 20:44)

Hi Stuart, I like your layout and am planning on using it on my website, but I have a question, is it possible to control the width of the text in the content area to avoid too long sentences? I can't figure that out on my own...
(21.06.2005, 22:49)

Peter, the text in the content area will word wrap if the sentence is too long, so there should be no need to control the width.
(22.06.2005, 07:54)

Hello again and apologies for not being precise enough. What I meant was that on monitors with a high resolution, I want to avoid that a sentence gets too long. I would like the sentences to word wrap if nescessary, but at the same time I want to make sure that sentences don't get any longer than for instance 15 centimeters on a screen with a high resolution, is that possible?
(30.06.2005, 13:50)

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