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Please note. I get a few hundred emails a week from visitors asking for help, or posing questions on how to modify my demos to suit their application and I read them all. Unfortunately I only have a limited amount of time to spend answering these questions.

So if I do not reply, please do not be offended, and if I do reply then you are one of the lucky ones.

If you are asking for permission to use any of my demonstration then please email me with your request stu{at}

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Seems to work great in IE 5.5 as well
(12.05.2004, 18:12)

Kevin Gallagher:-
Excellent, although I don't know how much use it will get but it's indeed worthy to be in any IE developers toolkit
(09.11.2004, 22:40)

Thomas Krajewski:-
Nice, sad do it is only for ie6. I would like to see this for mozilla to. Good work!
(30.12.2004, 11:22)

Oh what a shame this is only IE.
(07.01.2005, 17:42)

The method of displaying the image and text can be made to work in Firefox but unfortunately as soon as you try to use the scroll bar the image vanishes.
(07.01.2005, 18:43)

Agree with above but well done
(18.01.2005, 15:26)

What good is a page displayed only with I/E?
No good at all.
(14.05.2005, 01:24)

Some people still don't get the idea of this site. These are experiments with CSS and this experiment was to show what IE can do that other browsers can't. I have similar experiments showing what other browsers can do that IE can't. I would not suggest for one minute that you use this to make your web site (unless you just wanted to target IE that is). I am, however, grateful for your comment.
(14.05.2005, 08:58)

The example is not lost on me, excellent work! In all, I have found your site compelling and insightful. Thanks
(30.06.2005, 03:21)

I wonder if people realize how much work it is to bring ideas like yours to the table? Good Job and good thinking. Forget the browsers, I think you have excellent foresight. I appreciate your work.
(04.08.2005, 13:24)

Even IE 7.0 beta can handle it ;-)
(13.08.2005, 13:59)

Firefox now displays but because of the scrollwheel bug it cannot scroll the page. Opera just holds the image until the mouse click is released.
(21.08.2005, 23:01)

FF v1.5 Beta 1 will display this one correctly. The scrolling mousewheel lets you view the text but there is a problem when trying to drag the scrollbar.
(03.10.2005, 11:33)

Brilliant insight
(26.10.2005, 11:30)

Clarke Isackson:-
lautrec is brilliantly created.
(16.11.2005, 14:33)

Bill Long:-
i really enjoyed the Lautrec page. also, i think your experimentations are very worthwhile. good going!
(29.11.2005, 21:10)

Luke The Fluke:-
Just love this site & your work. Thank you very much indeed for the valuable education.
Alice in Wonderland demo is brilliant. Please keep up the good work.
(12.12.2005, 10:25)

it works in firefox 1.5 but the scroll bar doesnt work properly for some reason. have to manually click down button repeatedly. great stuff.
(01.01.2006, 17:25)

Walter D:-
Very very interesting. I learn a lot here. Thank you
(20.02.2006, 21:23)

firefox works pretty well, you just have to put the mouse ove and scroll it
(28.02.2006, 16:13)

very strange. as Camino 1.0b2 can handle the page flawlessly, scrool bar and all.
(01.03.2006, 22:13)

Hi Stu,

I am trying to use a similar approach to create a fixed menu on the left side of my page and a changing content area on the right. However, I cannot get it to work. I also want to know why you use a "margin" div on the left side of the menu.
(04.03.2006, 19:25)

Laura, the rogue div has been deleted as it did nothing. Probably left over from a previous trial.
(04.03.2006, 20:57)

Gabe K!:-
Seems to work fine in Firefox v1.5.06
(29.04.2006, 00:59)

good idea!
(29.04.2006, 10:22)

leeonon:- ,a good site for me that to learning the css,but it is diffcult to see the source is not in one page!

I want a ZIP!

(29.04.2006, 10:24)

Works in Firefox 1.5 AND the scroll works fine contrary to what jimmos,el,dentos said. You just have to hover the mouse over the picture, not outside it.

Anyway, great work
(21.05.2006, 15:45)

it works in fire fox
(27.05.2006, 20:44)

Joe, almost. Try using the scroll bar.
(27.05.2006, 21:15)

Stu:"as soon as you try to use the scroll bar the image vanishes."
Do you mean the scrollwheel?
Works perfectly fine here using the scrollbar, except that you can't move it by dragging.
(01.07.2006, 19:05)

Works fine in FF ;-)
(05.07.2006, 12:25)

Hi Stu, very nice idea of a css site. But there's one problem for me. Whats responsible for that you can't mark the text? Is it possible to change that, exp. div's? I tried to combine your idea of this site with your photogallerie MK:2. But whatever I tried, by clicking in the content all was gone.

Best wishes for the future.
(06.07.2006, 16:35)

In Firefox the right vertical scrollbar seems blocked or at least only moves one line at a time.
(10.08.2006, 13:52)

I am not going to read through all the posts, but it works great for Firefox/, just to let you know.

And also for the people asking for zip files and such, go download a web developer toolbar for your browser and I really highly recomend them for people who like to deconstruct pages to figure out how they work.
(20.11.2006, 18:37)

works on Camino as well.
(27.11.2006, 20:05)

Looks good in IE7 but it seems there is a bit of a scrolling problem in Firefox 2.0 where dragging the scrollbar is a problem (although using the arrows and the scrollwheel still allows it to work).
Also, this particular demo saved me a lot of heartache as I stumbled in here trying to find a solution to my problems: Making DIVs stick to the right side of the browser. You made it all simple though and have earned my eternal gratitude in my fav list. Thanks.
(28.11.2006, 09:14)

how can you add links into the <em> tags, ive tried to work it out but it wont work it just places above the other links instead of inside the content.
(08.12.2006, 18:23)

where are you all seeing the code? how do i gte it
(19.12.2006, 12:59)

Cara, just copy the source code and the linked stylesheet.
(19.12.2006, 23:26)

Stu: I noticed this worked fine in Firefox too.
Nice work on your side.
Inspiriration and Sense comes over me when I visit your page!
(28.01.2007, 20:38)

Great example! How much i'd need this, but the vanish problem at click makes it useles for me (i need that clicks on links to open another layer).
(18.07.2007, 16:06)

I think u already know: now it works in Opera 9.5
(23.09.2007, 19:41)

This is great. I have an issue with a CSS page that looks hgreat in IE 7 and in Firefox but it is totally horrible in IE 6. What would you recommend to make the IE 6 browser correctly read my page?
(24.07.2008, 21:08)

This works perfectly in FireFox, but in IE 6.0.2900, clicking a link makes the highlight show, but the image to the right doesn't change until I move the cursor away. It might be an image-load problem, because it works correctly the second time around.

Clicking anywhere on the page makes the image disappear, in both browsers.

I have to say, though, that your CSS incantations are indistinguishable from magic.
(13.12.2008, 01:36)


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