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Welcome to my Comments Pages

Please note. I get a few hundred emails a week from visitors asking for help, or posing questions on how to modify my demos to suit their application and I read them all. Unfortunately I only have a limited amount of time to spend answering these questions.

So if I do not reply, please do not be offended, and if I do reply then you are one of the lucky ones.

If you are asking for permission to use any of my demonstration then please email me with your request stu{at}

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Stu, Very neat indeed and just as I have adapted your simple calendar format :-( Don't get me wrong, the first format is simple, loads quickly and provides the information required without the need for scrolling - This style would also do the job.
(05.03.2006, 14:34)

Perry, glad you will find it useful. I am just off to convert the cross browser drop-down into a validating page.
(05.03.2006, 16:13)

tout simplement merveilleux.

Merci de communiquer toutes vos connaissances qui sont tres utiles pour les developpeurs.

Sorry, but I don't speack english very well.
(05.03.2006, 17:30)

I'm with philippe!
(05.03.2006, 23:50)

philippe, Merci beaucoup. Je suis heureux de vous aider - I don't speak French very well either.
(06.03.2006, 08:07)

Et moi aussi, je suis avec Philippe et je pense comme Philippe, merci beaucoup pour ce site extraordinaire, de loin mon préféré dans son genre.
(07.03.2006, 12:13)

Stu, your latest wonder functions perfectly in FF and Safari on a Mac. IE5 does not see any links for the months - they read as plain text.
(08.03.2006, 04:39)

Nice job.
Could you dynamically create the months using serverside scripting, and dynamically add links to the calender based on database content?
Now that would be very cool!
(09.03.2006, 15:41)

Rob, all this is possible using PHP and MySQL for example.
(09.03.2006, 16:24)

That is very sweet ...
I'm really struggling to get my head round CSS, mostly through lack of time, and stuff like this is what keeps me interested.
(09.03.2006, 19:35)

Your demos have truly expanded my understanding of CSS as I work on my sister's website. It is also helping me at work, as most of the financial printing world actually uses CSS in many of its HTML SEC filings:) I was able to show your website to my co-workers and they were fascinated. - Thanks again!
(14.03.2006, 16:39)

Wow the new validating link calendar is great! It's just what I'm looking for to implement into my homepage. I'm trying to combine the validating link calendar with the hover click demo. So when you stand on a date a picture under the calendar appears. But I do not get this to work. Is this possible? By the way, keep up the good work. The website is GREAT!
(15.03.2006, 13:51)

I'm harrgg whaouuu sorry my heart is broken ....
fantastic very god job.
(17.03.2006, 14:08)

Matthew Poer:-
This is simply amazing, Mr. Nicholls. Your web site is an ispiration.
(22.03.2006, 04:57)

Your calenar is beautiful. I am still a little new. Where do you download the ccs?
I have tried using the script in the html. But it keeps failing when I extract all but the calendar.
(22.03.2006, 16:17)

debbie, you will need both the styles in the document <head> - one for Firefox etc and the other, in conditional comments, for IE. The (x)html is held in the #info div. You will also need a standards compliant !doctype - I use xhtml 1.1 but any one will do.
(22.03.2006, 20:14)

Excellent site Stu. I'm an old html hacker trying to find the time to learn all this wonderful stuff. Keep up the good work.
(08.04.2006, 11:08)

amazing site. This is really nice and clean way to create amazing sites. Thanks for Sharing
(10.04.2006, 21:51)

What a super-practical and nice-looking site, Stu! Thought I'd chime in to let you know that this calendar works just fine in Safari and Firefox on Mac OS X browsers, but no dice on the (now defunct) Mac IE browser. In IE, the initial calendar displays, but none of the months respond to mouseovers.
(21.04.2006, 09:24)

Cool man, total super!!!
(23.04.2006, 14:38)

A propo, Kerstin, was machen wir mit unserem Mittagsessen!!!
(23.04.2006, 14:38)

Fantastic. I found your site quite by accident, but I'm going to use it as a resource from here on in, and happily link to it. Your calendar is EXACTLY what I needed for my music site, and it's gonna make it that much more professional. Thank you.
(16.05.2006, 19:07)

Great, thanks for this!
Helped me to get CSS to work in IE for my calendar. Though it's list-based instead of tables.
Thanks :)
(19.05.2006, 15:52)


Write a Book.


p.s. I'd buy it
(22.05.2006, 16:34)

Disco Stu, you're the man.
(23.05.2006, 15:02)

Great Calendar!
(12.06.2006, 12:12)

write a book stu - i will buy it
(12.06.2006, 18:13)

The validating link calendar doesn't work properly in IE if placed in a table cell. This is easy to test, just take a working version of the calendar and wrap it in a table. Jan - Nov will all be superimposed on each other after the first pass (but not Dec, for some odd reason). Still works flawlessly in FF, as always. What could be the problem.
(14.06.2006, 16:45)

I see it's already been noted, but since I checked it I too can confirm that the calendar works beautifully in both Firefox and Safari on a Mac.

(30.06.2006, 01:58)

Cooooool!!! Youre a CSS genius, and looks so simple. Thanks
(18.07.2006, 17:20)

OMG! Delicious! :)
(23.07.2006, 21:16)

mac user:-
well it works in safari 2
(02.08.2006, 13:55)

You have an awesome site, I have a an understanding of CSS basics, but your site takes it to the next level. Great job.
(03.08.2006, 15:27)

you're great and please, publish a book for dummies like me !heheeh
(30.08.2006, 23:58)

First of all, love the calendar. One function I think it needs, though, is the ability to click and keep the month showing rather than just keep it showing by hovering the mouse. Is that possible? (Kind of like combining the calendar with the click art gallery, which I also love by the way).

Also, if you hover over one date link and then go directly to another date link (they're next to each other) the calendar somehow thinks that you aren't hovering the mouse and auto-switches to the default home picture. I don't know why, other than a CSS hover glitch. This happens in FireFox, WindowsXP.
(11.09.2006, 05:43)

Steven, Unfortunately with pure CSS you cannot have a click to select and keep on screen followed by another click to select the sub link. The second click will be taken as a lose :active/:focus on the first link and the calendar month will close. You can only have :hover followed by further :hovers then a final click.
Fot the menu to function as you want then you will need javascript.
(11.09.2006, 16:41)

Stu, you should be given a medal; better yet, I think the Queen should knight you. At least W3C finally recognised your immense talent. Thank you for playing around and posting your results.
Always, a dedicated fan and fellow CSS user.
(23.10.2006, 22:04)

Hey Stu! Wonderful work! It gives me inspiration and a desire to continue to learn and grow with CSS. How can one use or modify this calendar (anyone of them), in a form, to confirm/pick a appointment date?
(09.11.2006, 06:11)

I'm new at CSS when it comes to website design. I tried to use the calendar with the flower picture. On my computer the calendar is working but on another computer it will not. I was running a PC with IE 7 that was not working. Is there a css file or js file I need on my server.
(01.01.2007, 16:19)

Allen, my laptop PC has IE7 and the calendar works just fine. No javascript or DHTML is used on any of my demonstrations, this includes the use of .htc files.
(01.01.2007, 16:43)

I have been at a loss for words when checking over your hard work with CSS. Very amazing stuff and I look forward to learning from your work now and your future experiments. Kudos to you CSS Master- keep it up!
(04.01.2007, 19:35)

hi, it's true css in other level, but a question, how can I implement the calendar for my site? whe re can I download the files?...thanks in advance
(16.01.2007, 03:03)

When I add a class to the li for every other month to color them, ie 6 bumps the months with a class applied to another row...

Is it a bad practice to color things in the way that I've done it or does the ie specific styling need more modification?
(16.01.2007, 15:41)

this one doesnt work so well in safari. there's a gap at the bottom between the border and the calandar, and on the months that have links the borders affect the height.
(17.01.2007, 14:32)

Dude you are probably one of the greatest geniouses to exist. This code was perfect for creating a hover menu with out some damn script that Microsoft IE needed to ask permission to use. combining overflow and a table .... I would have never thought it. Thank you so much.
(28.10.2007, 03:41)

You are an amazing programmer. The community is so lucky to have access to your creations!
(23.10.2008, 00:31)


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