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Welcome to my Comments Pages

Please note. I get a few hundred emails a week from visitors asking for help, or posing questions on how to modify my demos to suit their application and I read them all. Unfortunately I only have a limited amount of time to spend answering these questions.

So if I do not reply, please do not be offended, and if I do reply then you are one of the lucky ones.

If you are asking for permission to use any of my demonstration then please email me with your request stu{at}

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The css for this menu is in the page head. Using stylesheets from a previous version will not work.
You also need to check that you are using a standards compliant doctype.
(28.12.2008, 19:00)

Hi Stu,
I'm currently using one of your drop down menu: final_drop

It works great in FF, but not in IE? I don't know how to fix it. =(

The sub menu list does not appear.

Please help. Thanks.
(29.12.2008, 07:38)

Hi Stu,
The Ultimate drop down menu is breaking my layout in IE6 windows but works great in IE7 and Firefox windows. Looks good in Safari windows, but the hovers die while scrolling down.
I'm using Matthew James Taylor's Holy Grail Liquid Layout Are the 2 conflicting somehow?
The site I'm working on is

Thanks for your help.
(13.01.2009, 18:17)

Some of your conditional comments are in the wrong place.
(13.01.2009, 19:37)

Ian L:-
Ok i feel like an idiot for asking this, but where do i download the files to try and implement the menu? is there a download link or am i supposed to just view source and copy it that way? I'm just assuming there's a download link for the bare html and css needed. appreciate if anyone could point that out for me. thanks
(27.01.2009, 04:35)

Hi Stu. Again, well done for creating a simple and effective drop down. I have the same problem as Simon has previously posted on 26.08.2008:-
Great Menu, found an unusual bug. In the line for ".menu a:hover, .menu ul ul a:hover", the background property causes the drop down menu to .. well, not drop down if using "background:#fff;" on IE6. For any other colour variation - ie, #aaa, #abc, #a4b2c9, etc it's fine, including #ffffff. It's only this property in this line, never come across anything like it before. Any suggestions?
(26.08.2008, 02:14)"

I got the bug when i used #f1f1f1 but #f2f2f2 or any other colour i tested is fine. I can live with this if it's just a specific IE6 bug with that colour, but my concern is that if there is something else in the code that is causing the problem, when else will it break?! Have you coma accross this before, and have you found a solution for it?
(06.02.2009, 12:36)

This is a well known bug in IE6 and is covered in my tutorial:

IE6 requires a trigger.
(06.02.2009, 13:13)

John Cahill:-
Hi, Stu,
I am working on adapting this menu for a not-for-profit community site I have been arm twisted into building.
I should say that I am using IE8 beta in development and testing.
Something I notice on my site and on your demo site is that the swcond level drop down menus will disappear on reentry to the first level menu (under certain circumstances). Let me explain: if you move the mouse to 'Mozilla', for example, the drop down menu appears, if you then move the mouse down into that menu, say, half way, then back up to 'Mozilla', the menu will disappear. It is then necessary to remove the mouse from the first level menu and reenter 'Mozilla' for example to see the menu again. Not sure if this is an IE8 problem or a glitch with the menu design but I would have thought the drop down menu should stay visible when the mouse returns to its parent first level menu item. I don't have the CSS smarts to know if this is even possible so I look forward to your input. Also, in my initial investigation I couldn't get the little grey arrows to display but I haven't focussed on this yet.
(15.03.2009, 06:01)

John Cahill:-
Hi, again, Stu,
I did a bit more investigation and the beahviour I reported does seem linked to IE8 beta. Is this something you would address, in time, do you think?
Thanks for your work on this project.
(15.03.2009, 22:45)

John Cahill:-
Hi, Stu. I have gotten on top of most aspects of adapting your menu, I think. The one thing I can't get to happen is the display of the little grey and blue expansion arrows (or any other image) to indicate a third level flyout. Perhaps you can advise? Your work is much appreciated.
(17.03.2009, 22:05)

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