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EXPLORER3 pixel bug fix

Date : 15th January 2009

For IE6

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3px Bug

3px Bug Fixed!


This one has been covered many times over the past few years but it has never been shown on CSSplay, so I though that if anyone has been having problems recently with their three variable width columns, float left and right with a center fill, I should post this solution.

The problem only occurs in IE6 so if you are viewing in any other browser you will not see the vertical gaps either side of the center column in the first box.

The gapping is just 3 pixels wide and no matter what margins you set this will not be closed.

The answer is to give the left and right columns a style of display:inline and apply a right margin of -3px to the left column and a left margin of -3px to the right column.

Finally you need to apply a left and right margin to the center column that is 3px narrower than the left and right columns.


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