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Doing it with style


Date : 23rd September 2006

For IE7

The list with text only

  • Top Level 1
  • Top Level 2
  • Top Level 3 »
    • Sub Level 1a
    • Sub Level 1b
    • Sub Level 1c »
      • Sub Level 2a
      • Sub Level 2b »
        • Sub Level 3a
        • Sub Level 3b »
          • Sub Level 4a
          • Sub Level 4b
          • Sub Level 4c »
            • Sub Level 5a
            • Sub Level 5b
            • Sub Level 5c
            • Sub Level 5d »
              • Sub Level 6a
              • Sub Level 6b
              • Sub Level 6c
              • Sub Level 6d
            • Sub Level 5e
            • Sub Level 5f
          • Sub Level 4d
          • Sub Level 4e
          • Sub Level 4f
        • Sub Level 3c
        • Sub Level 3d
      • Sub Level 2c
    • Sub Level 1d
    • Sub Level 1e
  • Top Level 4
  • Top Level 5
  • Top Level 6

The list with links and bug

The list with li {float:left;} workaround

26th Septenmber 2006 - The list with all the styling in the link and just position:relative; in the li


Whilst working on one of my flyout menus I noticed a strange behaviour in IE7 RC1.

When producing the embeded unordered lists without the links around the text (the top list), the flyout using li:hover worked perfectly in all browsers that understood li:hover, including IE7 RC1.

But as soon as I added the links the 'bug' displayed itself. If you are using IE7 RC1 then try the second flyout cascading menu and see the problem.

As soon as the flyout appears IE7 RC1 adds a bottom 'margin' to the hovered link.

As this only occurs once the links are added then I think that it must be something to do with the link styling and not the list styling.

I did find that adding float:left; to the li style cured this, but I don't think that this is really the answer to the a:hover style error.

The third menu has this style added and works perfectly in all understanding browsers.

If you can find another answer to this then please let me know and I will include it here.

25th September 2006

Finally an acceptable method. All the color styling has been transferred to the link leaving 'position:relative; styling for the list item.


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