Another one bites the dust~

Well, they said it couldn't be done in IE6 because of a browser bug.

But they didn't know that another bug works in a way that ALLOWS this to be done!

This page has a fixed menu in the top left hand corner of the screen. This menu will remain on screen at all times in NN7, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox AND IE6!!

Just scroll this page and see the menu pass over the top without so much as a flicker (not like those javascript things that jerk and jump down the screen trying to keep up with the scroll). In fact IE6 handles the scrolling better that Mozilla/Firefox.

This is all done using standard CSS with a little help from another IE6 BUG that makes it believe that 'ABSOLUTE' is 'FIXED'.

Just take a peek at the source code to see that all it takes is a setting of height:100% for the body (with overflow-y:auto) and it works.
Anything that is position:absolute; or position:relative; will now be FIXED in IE6.

The only problem with this is that you cannot use absolute or relative positions on the moving page but float is allowed.

and there you have it~

The rest of this page is just put in to fill up the space to extend the div out of the screen area

Taking this to extremes you have The Holy Grill

This page is Valid XHTML1.1.

©2004 Stuart A Nicholls ~all rights reserved (but help yourself to the code anyway ;)

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Let's stuff a few images at the end to see if there is a problem in IE.

friar friar

Looks ok to me?

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