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CSS DEMOSA three column list

Date : Pre 2006

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My Shopping List (unordered)
  • Crisps
  • Chocolate
  • Cola
  • Fish
  • Steak
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Baked beans
  • Tinned Peas
  • Eggs
  • Coffee
  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Beer
My Shopping List (ordered - only Opera and FF v1.5 get the numbers right)
  1. Crisps
  2. Chocolate
  3. Cola
  4. Fish
  5. Steak
  1. Milk
  2. Sugar
  3. Baked beans
  4. Tinned Peas
  1. Eggs
  2. Coffee
  3. Bread
  4. Butter
  5. Beer


Just unordered and ordered lists arranged in three columns using nothing more than css.

This method makes use of a definition list containing unordered lists for the top example, and ordered lists for the bottom example.

The idea of placing unordered and ordered lists within a definition list is discussed and promoted by so it must be 'valid'.

This method also allows you to easily add a title to your list.

Because we can no longer specify a 'start' number for our ordered list I have used an alternative css method, BUT only Opera and FF v1.5 Beta 1 understand.

There really should be a css alternative to 'start='.

Because of all the time and effort spent in producing this demonstration I would ask that you respect my copyright.

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