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Date : 6th September 2011

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Puna Teal

The Puna Teal (Anas puna) is a species of dabbling duck in the genus Anas. It was previously regarded as a subspecies of the Silver Teal.



Flamingos or flamingoes are gregarious wading birds in the genus Phoenicopterus. There are four flamingo species in the Americas and two species in the Old World.


Greylag Goose

The Greylag is the largest and bulkiest of the grey Anser geese. It has a rotund, bulky body, a thick and long neck, and a large head and bill. It has pink legs and feet, and an orange or pink bill.


Demoiselle Crane

The Demoiselle Crane, Anthropoides virgo, is a species of crane that breeds in Central Asia and winters in India, with a few found in Cyprus and eastern Turkey as well.

Photographs copyright stu nicholls - taken at Slimbridge - Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT)


A standard thumbnail image which when clicked will produce a popup panel showing a larger version of the image. But this time the large image will animate into view when using Firefox 4+, Safari, Chrome and Opera. The popup panel can also have a title and descriptive text with links if required, and a CLOSE X which when cicked will close the popup panel with the animation reversed.

For IE8, IE9 and Firefox 3 or earlier, the popup panel will have no animation.

I believe that the final release of IE10 will have support for transitions, so will see if it can animate this in the same way as all the other major browsers.

The popBox will also work in IE7, but the descriptive text will need adjusting to fit the width of the popup panel by adding <br /> tags to force line feeds.

The popup panel will adjust iteself to the size of the large image and the amount of descriptive text. The position of the popup panel can also be adjusted for each image using just three extra stylesheet lines.

Because of all the time and effort spent in producing this demonstration I would ask that you respect my copyright.

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