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Swipe Me Inline v2

Swipe action inline slideshow for PCs, tablets and smartphones


With captions, links, navigation arrows and slide number indication

With captions and links, NO navigation arrows and NO slide number indication

With captions, links and slide number indication, NO navigation arrows

With captions, links and navigation arrows, NO slide number indication


Swipe Me Inline v2 is a re-work of the original Swipe Me Inline! a responsive inline lightbox / slideshow using minimal jQuery and CSS3 styles.
As with the previous version this works in all the latest browsers and platforms.
Please contact me for more information and zip file.

Check out the demonstrations above to see how it works in your setup.
If you are using a tablet or smartphone see how it re-sizes when using 'full screen' viewing and when changing orientation.
If you are using a PC then see it resize the images when changing your browser window size.

Uses 'swipe' action to move from one image to the next with the option of left/right arrows when viewed on a non touch screen PC.
For IE7+, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, iOS, Android OS, tablets, smartphones including Windows wp8, touch screens etc.


The jQuery script has been simplified and updated to allow more than one instance of the slideshow on a page, with no need to use thumbnails to change the content of the slideshow.

A link can be added to any caption text which shows at the bottom center of the image.

There is now the option of having a number of slides indication at the top center of the images.

Now working on most older smartphones and tablets using native browser.

A couple of problems with the iPad mini and early iPod Touch have now been fixed.