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TUTORIALBasic Responsive Autorun Slideshow

Date : 12th January 2015

For all the latest browsers, Android and iOS


A basic responsive autorun slideshow for all the latest browsers and operating systems including touch screens. This has a slide in/out animation, but can be made a fade in/out animation with a simple change to the stylesheet.

Resize your browser to see the page and slideshow adjust to fit the window size.


<article class="slideshow">
	<img src="/menu/tutorial1/pic1.jpg" alt="">
	<img src="/menu/tutorial1/pic2.jpg" alt="">
	<img src="/menu/tutorial1/pic3.jpg" alt="">
	<img src="/menu/tutorial1/pic4.jpg" alt="">
	<img src="/menu/tutorial1/pic5.jpg" alt="">
	<img src="/menu/tutorial1/pic6.jpg" alt="">
	<img src="/menu/tutorial1/pic7.jpg" alt="">
	<img src="/menu/tutorial1/pic8.jpg" alt="">

Cascading Style Sheet

/* setup the responsive size of the container */
/* set the max-width to the actual width of the images and the width to the size when the browser width is less than the max-width */
/* margin:0 auto; centers the slideshow */
.slideshow {width:95%; max-width:640px; margin:0 auto; position:relative; overflow:hidden; border:1px solid #000;}

/* position the images and make them 100% width, display:block is used to remove the bottom padding that some browsers add to the images */
.slideshow img {position:absolute; top:0; left:-100%; width:100%; display:block;}

/* make the first image position:relative; to set the responsive height of the slideshow */
.slideshow img:first-child {position:relative;} 

/* the animation for each slide */
/* each slide is shown for 6 seconds and the total time for the 8 slides is 48 seconds with each slide delayed 6 seconds after the previous slide */
/* we need two animations for each image, one for Chrome, Safari and Opera, and the other for Firefox and Internet Explorer */
.slideshow img:nth-of-type(1) {-webkit-animation:autoplay 48s linear infinite 0s; animation:autoplay 48s linear infinite 0s;} 
.slideshow img:nth-of-type(2) {-webkit-animation:autoplay 48s linear infinite 6s; animation:autoplay 48s linear infinite 6s;}
.slideshow img:nth-of-type(3) {-webkit-animation:autoplay 48s linear infinite 12s; animation:autoplay 48s linear infinite 12s;}
.slideshow img:nth-of-type(4) {-webkit-animation:autoplay 48s linear infinite 18s; animation:autoplay 48s linear infinite 18s;}
.slideshow img:nth-of-type(5) {-webkit-animation:autoplay 48s linear infinite 24s; animation:autoplay 48s linear infinite 24s;}
.slideshow img:nth-of-type(6) {-webkit-animation:autoplay 48s linear infinite 30s; animation:autoplay 48s linear infinite 30s;}
.slideshow img:nth-of-type(7) {-webkit-animation:autoplay 48s linear infinite 36s; animation:autoplay 48s linear infinite 36s;}
.slideshow img:nth-of-type(8) {-webkit-animation:autoplay 48s linear infinite 42s; animation:autoplay 48s linear infinite 42s;}

/* animation keyframes one for Firefox and Internet Explorer, the other for Chrome, Safari and Opera */
/* the show time for each slide is 100/8 = 12.5% of the total time */
/* the slide in time is 1% and the slide out time is 12.5% + 1% = 13.5% */
/* you can adjust the slide in and out time to make it faster or slower */

@keyframes autoplay {
0% {left:-100%;}
1%, 12.5% {left:0;}
13.5%, 100% {left:100%;}
@-webkit-keyframes autoplay {
0% {left:-100%;}
1%, 12.5% {left:0;}
13.5%, 100% {left:100%;}

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Terms and Conditions

This demonstration can be used subject to the following terms and conditions.

  1. If you wish to use this demonstration in your website(s) please email me stu{at} seeking permission.
  2. You may NOT place this demonstration on another site for others to download.
  3. You may NOT redistrubute or resell this demonstration.
  4. Users agree not to remove or edit the credit notice within the stylesheet, or claim that this demonstration is their own.
  5. Please see the Copyright statement above regarding the requirement for a support donation.


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