Hover/click with no active/focus borders - nDLRt

Pre 2006

Sir John Tenniel's illustrations
sketch 01
sketch 02
sketch 03
sketch 04
sketch 05
sketch 06
sketch 07
sketch 08
sketch 09
sketch 10
sketch 11
sketch 12
sketch 13
sketch 14
sketch 15
sketch 16

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Sir John Tenniel's illustrations are among the finest ever produced. Each illustration was drawn on boxwood; the illustration was then sent to the engravers who engraved the block for printing. The remarkable detail and obvious care of Tenniel's illustrations despite this rather clumsy technique attest to the skill of both Tenniel and the engravers.

This demonstration shows how the :hover, :active and :focus state can be used to produce an interactive sketch viewer.

It also makes use of the 'no dotted border' method from the previous demonstration.

nDLRt : nicholls Dotted Line Replacement technique.

Check out the css and xhtml to see how simple this really is.

Try 'tabbing' through the links to see how this works. You should get the full size image appearing with each tabbed link and no dotted borders, Firefox even gives a brief flash of the hover state. But it should be obvious which link is active non the less (does not work in Opera).

Notice the way IE changes the image title from 'thumb' to 'sketch'.

28th November 2005

Updated to display correctly in Opera 9 (although the active/focus state functions only whilst the mouse button is pressed).


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