Image Maps - Revisited

5th March 2010

Area One
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Area Two
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Area Three
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Area Four
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Area Five
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It has been a little while since I have produced a new image map demonstration and as I have had many requests for a replacement to the html imagemap that can closely map irregular shapes I thought that I would show you a basic method for this.

The above 'map' shows interlocking irregular shapes that have been mapped using a series of rectangles combined into links so that you can hover any area to see it change from a raised edge to a flat color. The size of the rectangles governs the coarseness of the areas.

I have also added an information panel for each area that will show beneath the map.

So you can hover the map to see the area and text, and you can also click the area to hold it on screen.

Tested in IE6, IE7, IE7 emulation, IE8, Firefox, pera, Safari(PC), Chrome, Flock and SeaMonkey.

Safari and Chrome will not hold the information on click.

1st October 2011

Now working in Safari and Chrome.


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