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CSS DEMOSRemoving dotted 'active/focus' borders from inline links

Date : 20th February 2007

For all modern browsers

Gogh, Vincent (Willem) van (b. March 30, 1853, Zundert, Neth.--d. July 29, 1890, Auvers-sur-Oise, near Paris), generally considered the greatest Dutch painter and draughtsman after Rembrandt.

The Starry Night

With Cézanne and Gauguin the greatest of Post-Impressionist artists. He powerfully influenced the current of
Expressionism in modern art. His work, all of it produced during a period of only 10 years, hauntingly conveys through its striking colour, coarse brushwork, and contoured forms the anguish of a mental illness that eventually resulted in suicide. Among his masterpieces are numerous self-portraits and the well-known The Starry Night (1889).

This text is an excerpt from The WebMuseum, Paris


A few months ago, someone asked me if it was possible to remove the active/focus borders from inline links and I said no. But having thought about this some more I have found a way in which it can be done.

Whilst I would not advocate removing all indication that a link has been selected, I would agree that it would be nice to add your own styled active/focus state.

The above text contains several inline links which are obvious by the fact that they are underlined. Hovering over the links will give a removal of the underline. Clicking a link will give a change of background color but no dotted border.

This also works in IE and Firefox if you 'tab' though the links.

26th February 2007

Updated to use the method put forward by Merri which uses no repeated text.

21st January 2012

Non-IE browsers now support the style outline:none; to remove the border.

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