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If you still wish to advertise on this site then I'm afraid you will now have to pay.

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Many of you may have seen the million dollar homepage with it's not so unique way of selling advertising space. Well this is my take on the theme.

I am giving away, yes for FREE, advertising space in my grid above. The only stipulation is that your site must have something to do with CSS AND your home page html/xhtml and css MUST validate at

Each grid space is 70px x 20px expanding to 75px x 25px with mouseover so you should design for 75px x 25px and it is a case of first come first served. Each image will be placed to the right of the previous one and will link to your specified page (providing I find your website suitably interesting for this project).

So just email me - stu(at) with the subject 'zero dollar ads page' giving a LINK to your image (MUST be 75px x 25px .jpg or .gif - no animations), your site url and the alt/title attribute description for the image. If I find your site suitable, I will upload the image and you will be next in the line.

Let's see how big and colourful this page can get and how creative you can be in 75px x 25px.

4th November 2005

Small change in layout so that this page serves a dual purpose.

  1. To advertise your sites
  2. To demonstrate how to reduce and enlarge images without affecting the positioning of surrounding images using just an unordered list and css (no extra images).

8th November 2005

Now works in IE5.01

Images featured on this zero dollar ads page are the copyright of their respective owners.


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Please ask permission before using or copying this example to your web site.

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Soft Geometry Creative Industries

Soft Geometry Creative Industries
is a music-based design company located in Bristol UK.
I create artwork for albums, singles, posters and t-shirts.
My work is influenced by punk and post-punk poster and flyer design,
lo-fi photocopy aesthetics,
Francis Bacon and Mark Rothko.

I can provide a start to finish service with my own art and photography, put together work from images provided by yourself, and collaborate on an idea.

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