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CSS MENUSCentering Float Left Menus

Date : 24th January 2009

For all modern browsers

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A centered floated left menu (known width)

A centered floated left menu (unknown width)


I have had a few people ask if they could center a floated left menu when the width of the items in the menu is not known, and I had thought that it was not possible.

Revisited 24th January

Revisiting this to show an easier method that is cross browser friendly. Thanks to Tristan Brotherton for the idea.

For most single level menus this method will work in all the major browsers and doesn't use hack, inline-blocks or display table/table-cell.

All we need to do is enclose the ul tag in an outer container that has a width of 100% and overflow set to hidden.

The <ul> tag is then styled with a relative position and floated left with a left position of 50%.

Finally the <li> tag is also styled with a relative position, floated left but this time with a right position of 50%.

...and that as they say is all that is needed.

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