CSS3 - Horizontal menu bars with gradient fills

For Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. Almost works in IE9

16th April 2011

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Now that Opera 11.10 supports gradient fills along with Firefox, Safari and Chrome we can use this to style a simple unordered list of links so that it looks like graphics have been used.

If you are looking at this in Internet Explorer then all you will see is a boring set of menus with no rollover styling, but if you are using Opera, Firefox, Safari or Chrome then you will see a set of beautifully styled tabs with an impressive rollover state and even an active styling.

All done with CSS3 styling, absolutely no images.

What a pity that Internet Explorer is falling so far behind in its support for CSS3.

All the above menus have the same code and stylesheet with the color change handled by just two lines of style per color.


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