With the increasing popularity of touch screen PCs running Windows 8/8.1 and Internet Explorer IE10/11 it is becoming necessary to find an answer to multi-level menus that use hover to navigate the menu structure.

IE10 and IE11 on touch-enabled devices do not have hover support but uses 'aria-haspopup' to simulate hover on these devices, see Internet Explorer Development Page.

Microsoft recommend that you do not use hover for navigation and instead use 'onclick' and have a page on the web Make your site touch-ready which has the following statement:

'With touch-based browsing, there is no equivalent to hovering the cursor over a webpage element. Therefore, any actions or content that are activated by hovering are potentially inaccessible to touch-based users. A common scenario with this problem is hover-activated submenus. To avoid this problem, don't use hover to hide content that a user can interact with. Instead, consider using the onclick event to toggle the visibility

To make it more difficult, IE10 and IE11 have different hover touch support, see Hover Touch Support.

So with this in mind I have produced the above menu without the need for jQuery/javascript that allows you to navigate a multi-level menu using just clicks/taps to open and close sub menus. It also has a fallback for IE7 and IE8 where hovers are still used to navigate the menu.

So click/tap the green '+' circles to open the associated sub menu, the sub menus will remain open until closed by a click/tap on the red '-' circle or click/tap on another green '+' circle. All list items can be links to other pages.


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