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CSS MENUSDivide and Conquer

Date : 24th August 2009

For all modern browsers

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The divider problem

Vertical divide lines from previous links showing next to the :hover sliding doors graphic, spoiling the look of the menu

The fix

The vertical divide line is now covered by the sliding doors graphic giving a much better look to the menu.


I have seen this happening on several sites recently and think that the vertical divide line next to the button hover spoils the look of the menu, so with a fairly simple change of style this can be avoided.

All that is needed is to style the list element with display:inline; instead of float:left; (for IE6). Then add a negative 1 pixel left margin to the link and an extra 1px of padding to the <b> element to keep the menu the same width as in the previous version.

Now when hovering over the link, the sliding doors graphic is positoned left by 1 pixel and it covers the previous vertical divider graphic.

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