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CSS MENUSImage replacement with NO flicker

Date : Pre 2006

For all modern browsers


This one is based on menu 15 but with a difference.

This time we are using two images but only one is controlled by the link :hover.

This one works in all tested browsers including IE5.01 and IE5.5

Because the :hover image is already loaded as the background image for the links there is no delay in displaying it.

Also, because the 'normal' link image is held as the 'outer div' background image, it is on screen at all times.

The combination of these two ideas should give a flicker free image change on hover and what is more, the CSS is SO SIMPLE!

NOTE. I am using a standard unordered list for the menu. The text is forced off the screen by using a top padding (100px) and overflow:hidden (there is also a hack for IE5.x). This allows the background image to be displayed but not the text. So for the purists this will degrade to a standard list.

As ever, the image is from the stock.xchng. This particular one is by Dieter Joel Jagnow


The first image, below, is held as the background image for the menu 'outer div'.

menu start screen image

The following image is held as the background image for all nine links - BUT THE IMAGE IS NOT NORMALLY DISPLAYED. This is achieved by setting the background image at a negative 'top/left' position with a 'transparent background color'.

menu hover screen image

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