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Date : Pre 2006

For all modern browsers

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Please view on a tablet or PC.


Menu tab down is based on the one I used for my previous site layout. I thought that I should reproduce it here so that it would not get forgotten and perhaps it may be of use to somebody.

The above menu has also been produced without the aid of images and should work in IE5.01 (static image), IE5.5, IE6, Opera 7.54, Mozilla 1.75, FF and NN 7.1. Also Mac Safari and IE5.

27th May 2005

'tab up' menu added after a request by 'Ken'.

1st Feb 2006

Change of color on hover and a 'selected' tab added to upper menu to show hoe this can be acheived.

You may use this method on your personal 'non-profit' web site without seeking my permission.
A link back to CSS PLAY is always appreciated.

Commercial usage is also permitted without seeking approval, but I would ask that a donation is considered to support my work on CSS PLAY.

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