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13th May 2007

For all browsers

Monkey #1
with mobile phone Photographer: Maxim Malevich
Monkey with mobile phone
Monkey #2
Mandrill Photographer: Petr Mašek
Monkey #3
Colobus Photographer: Steffen Foerster
Colobus monkey


This is a very old demo that is kept on site for those starting out with CSS.

Simple link images with caption text and a hover effect to show extra text in a semi-transparent box. The hover works on the image and the caption text.

The CSS fails validation because of the use of opacity which is not yet covered by the validator.

This works in Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, IE7 and IE6.

These images have all been purchased from for use on CSS PLAY and are copyright their photographers so please do not copy without permission.


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